More Chipotle, less money. That’s basically everyone’s dream right?

I know you’re gonna eat at Chipotle whether you pay full price or not. Because, burritos.

But I’ll help you out with these 11 ways to save on your next Chipotle order. Because, more savings = more burritos. Unless you prefer soft tacos.


1. Skip the burrito and get two soft tacos instead.

You can get the exact same ingredients for a burrito or two soft tacos, but you’ll pay almost two dollars less, which is a 27% savings.

  • Chicken Burrito: $6.85
  • Two Chicken Soft Tacos: $5.00


2. Order a vegetarian version of your meal and get free guacamole.

When you pass on the meat, you get guac for free. Go ahead and remind the cashier that you don’t have meat — they’re going a million miles a minute.


3. Sign up for a Chipotle account and get freebies via text.

Any freebies you can get from Chipotle will come via text, so be sure you allow mobile notifications!


4. Download the app when there’s a free guac or queso offer.

Free guacamole or queso are only offered for first-time app downloads. And the offer isn’t valid all the time. So a good strategy is to wait until you see this offer pop up, and download the app at that point.

TIP: You can also make your own Chipotle guac at home. Find Chipotle’s guacamole recipe on their website. It’s super easy to make!



5. Use discounted gift cards from Gift Card Granny and save an extra 4%.

While you’re standing in line at Chipotle, get on your smartphone and check Raise and Gift Card Granny to see if there are any discounted gift cards for sale.

The best deal I can find right now is 4% off at Gift Card Granny. You can purchase the discounted digital gift card and use it to pay by the time you order.

These discounts change, so check back often!


6. Download Drop and get paid to eat at Chipotle.

Drop is like a universal loyalty program. You select five stores you frequent, and once you link your debit or credit account, you’ll start earning points every time you shop or eat at those five stores. You’ll get about 2% back in the form of gift cards.

Add Chipotle as one of your stores and away you go!


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7. Buy a $30 gift card and get a free burrito during the holiday season.

You know those free-gift-card-with-a-purchase deals that show up every Christmas season? Make sure you hit up Chipotle for a free burrito when you spend $30 in gift cards.


8. Try a few things from Chipotle’s secret menu. Like a Quesarito, Nachos, or a Burritodilla.

Chipotle’s menu is so straightforward that it’s easy to get creative to make your own masterpiece. Items like nachos and quesadillas are not on the menu, but Chipotle has hinted at adding them to the menu in the future.

Or go with a quesarito (a quesadilla instead of a plain tortilla for your burrito) or a burritodilla (a burrito grilled like a quesadilla).

Note that when you order some of these, especially the quesarito, it takes a long time to make.



9. Eat at Chipotle even if you’re on Keto or Whole30.

Since Chipotle publishes all of its nutritional facts and ingredients online, it’s easy to figure out how to order when you’re doing Keto.


10. Be on alert for free food when Chipotle launches their loyalty program this year.

Chipotle’s last run at a loyalty program, Chiptopia, had a ton of free food offerings! You could get a free entree after you spent roughly $35. We should see it launch during the last half of 2018.


11. Take the survey on your receipt for a chance to win free burritos for a year.

Your receipt has a unique code that you enter when you go to It’s not a sure thing, but imagine burritos for a year if you did win. . .


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