For the past 20 years, it was simple: Show up to Chipotle on Halloween, in costume, and get a deeply discounted meal.

In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Chipotle has made some big changes to their annual Boo-rito promotion — now in its 20th year.

Like Free Slurpee Day this summer, getting your Boo-rito in 2020 is going to look a little bit different, but rest assured — your meal deal is waiting.

Here’s how you get the deal:


1. Find the daily keyword on Chipotle’s social media accounts starting Oct. 29.

As of 12:01 AM Pacific Time on Oct. 29, you’ll want to be paying attention to Chipotle’s Instagram, Twitter and TikTok accounts.

Chipotle will release a special keyword every day from Oct. 29-31 — unless supplies run out first — and you’re going to need that keyword.

Our suggestion? Find the keyword as soon as you can on Oct. 29.


2. Be one of the first 500,000 people to text the keyword to 888-222.

Once you get the day’s keyword, grab your phone and text it to 888-222.

If you’re one of the first 500,000 people to text them, Chipotle will text you back with a unique BOGO free coupon code.

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3. Use the coupon code during your local Chipotle’s hours on Oct. 31.

You can earn a BOGO free coupon code Oct. 29-31, but you can only use them on Halloween, Oct. 31. Use the coupon code at checkout when you order from or in the Chipotle app (iOS / Android) to get a buy-one-get-one-free deal on a burrito, tacos, salad, burrito bowl, and more — up to $10 in value.

You can only get one coupon code per phone number, and you must be 13 or older to participate in the promo. (Read the full terms and conditions on Chipotle’s site.)



4. Save even more money with a discounted Chipotle gift card from Raise.

While Chipotle won’t let you combine the Boo-rito promotion with other discounts, you can create your own by purchasing a discounted Chipotle gift card.

Save an easy 5% on top of your BOGO free discount (at least) when you purchase from Raise. Then use it when you’re checking out at or with the Chipotle app.

These discounts change, so check back often!


5. Get more Chipotle freebies after Halloween by signing up for Chipotle Rewards.

The free Chipotle Rewards loyalty program gives you free chips and guacamole after your first purchase. You can use your Boo-rito purchase as that first purchase, and then when you get your next Chipotle meal, you’ll get to enjoy free chips and guac.


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Chipotle Boo-rito Deal Is Still On — But It's Way Different