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6 Easy-to-Order Chipotle Secret Menu Items With Prices

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Tired of the same old Chipotle order every time? There’s a whole ‘nother world of Chipotle waiting for you. When you order dive into the Chipotle secret menu, you can get exclusive items, like the Chipotle nachos, quesarito, and secret sauces.

We’ve got six of the best, most popular Chipotle secret menu items here — how to get them, how much they cost, and what’s in ’em.

Of course, before you begin, you’ll want to brush up on the best Chipotle tips for your burrito habit.


How to order from the Chipotle Secret Menu

For most of the items on this list, you’re going to have to create them yourself by ordering some specific items. If you’re in store and you ask nicely, you might be able to get the employees to create them for you, depending on how busy the restaurant is or how agreeable the staff will be to your request.


1. Chipotle Secret Menu Nachos: $10.40

A person scooping up a chip with toppings in a bowl of nachos. Part of the chipotle secret menu.

While Chipotle might not have nachos on the menu, you can make your own Chipotle nachos by replacing the rice on a Chipotle bowl with chips.

  • Order a Chipotle bowl ($8.60)
  • Replace the rice with chips ($1.80)

TIP: If your local Chipotle won’t replace the rice with chips, you can just get a Chipotle bowl with no rice and a free extra bowl to combine by yourself.


2. Chipotle Secret Menu Quesarito: $11.50

A chipotle secret menu burrito with a second tortilla wrapped around it, queso is visible between the two tortillas.

A Chipotle Quesarito is the perfect mix between a burrito and quesadilla. If you’re lucky, your local Chipotle will be able to make this for you for only $3.50 more ($12.10), but if they can’t, here’s a way to make your Chipotle Quesarito:

  • Order a Chipotle burrito ($8.60)
  • Add an extra side of tortilla ($0.30)
  • Add a side of queso ($2.60)
  • Wrap the burrito with the tortilla and queso in between

TIP: You can order a Chipotle quesadilla separately through their online menu. You can ask for a quesadilla specifically at your local Chipotle, or you can order a quesadilla on the online menu for $9.65 each.


3. Chipotle Secret Menu Double-Decker Taco: $6.50

A person picking up a chipotle secret menu soft shell taco with a hard shell taco inside.

A Chipotle Double-Decker Taco is the perfect combination of soft and crunchy taco for those who can’t decide between the two. Here’s how you can make it:

  • Order a softs hell veggie taco with cheese ($3.75)
  • Order a hard shell taco with the fixings you want ($3.75)
  • Wrap the soft shell taco around the hard shell taco.



4. Chipotle Dragon Sauce: free

A black plastic spoon in a container filled with a pinkish colored sauce. Beside it are two sauce containers with sour cream and a hot sauce. Part of the chipotle secret menu.

TikTok has made this Chipotle secret sauce famous. All you need to do is combine sour cream and hot sauce (tomatillo red chili) together. Both items are free with your burrito, burrito bowl, or quesadilla orders. If you’re ordering a burrito or burrito bowl, ask for them separately to combine yourself.

TIP: You can also mix in the Chipotle queso ($2.70) and hot sauce to get a spicy queso sauce.


5. Chipotle Secret Menu 3-Point Burrito: $5.20

A person holding a chipotle secret menu burrito that has bitten into. The beans chicken and rice are visible inside.

The Chipotle 3-Point Burrito is cheaper than a regular burrito because it only has rice, beans, and chicken. All you need to do to order this burrito is ask for a “3-Point Burrito.” If they don’t know what that is, just ask for a burrito with rice, beans, and chicken.


6. Chipotle Single Taco: $2.25

A person picking up a single taco.

If you can’t eat three tacos off the Chipotle menu, you can just order a single taco by asking for just one. You can add whatever menu items you want onto your taco.



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