Moms are known for being opinionated–you can ask ten different moms for a car seat recommendation and you're bound to get ten different answers. I don't even want to know what would happen to the comments section of this post if I posed a question to the moms out there about breastfeeding versus formula feeding or cry-it-out versus attachment parenting styles.

So moms, I know you have tons of opinion to share. Instead of inciting a "mommy war" on the Internet or overwhelming a mommy-to-be with hundreds of your overzealous product recommendations, why not use your opinions to earn rewards and cash? Ipsos is looking for moms of all ages to join their i-Say panel! As part of the Ipsos i-Say Community, you get to see new ideas or test new products and services before anyone else. You can also win cash and prizes in one or more of their many contests too!

  • Go Here to sign up today. It's free and registration is quick and easy!
  • Similar to the way most survey sites operate, you will receive preliminary surveys to see if you qualify for the full surveys–which is the part that you are compensated for.
  • Earn points for taking full surveys and use them towards cash, gift cards or charity donations.
Attention Moms! Sign Up for Ipsos i-Say to Earn Cash and Prizes!