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The Best E-Bike for the Money, According to Reviews

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An e-bike is exactly what it sounds like: a regular bicycle outfitted with a bike motor. You can still pedal like a normal bike (and you’ll need to when riding long distances or uphill), but the motor helps you go faster and travel farther. Whether you’re a recreational biker or looking for an alternative for your morning commute, we’ve rounded up the best e-bikes for the money. Here’s what you need to know before you invest.

Because of the motor and battery, a good e-bike can be pricey. Prices typically range from $600 to upwards of $4,000. But here’s what we found in terms of value: the best e-bikes for your money sit around $1,500 – $2,500. When you opt for any lower than $1,000, the quality drops pretty significantly. On the flip side, there’s really no reason to spend more than $2,500 unless you’re a serious biker and want specific upgrades. For our list, we made sure to keep the budget at $2,500 and under.

We also found that prices on electric bikes go up at the beginning/mid-January of every year. Then they tend to drop if you buy two bikes, depending on the retailer.

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The Best E-Bikes for the Money

best ebike for the money - person riding velotric e-bike on side of road

  1. Core-5
  2. Aventon Soltera e-Bike
  3. Velotric Discover 1 Bike
  4. RipRacer
  5. Pace 350.2
  6. RadRover 6 Plus
  7. City Electric Bike
  8. Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1
  9. Aventon Adventure
  10. Denago Commute Model 1 Top-Tube eBike
  11. Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 EQ Electric Bike


1. Core-5: $1,195 at Ride1Up

If you’re on the fence about investing in an e-bike or you’re not sure where to start, the Core-5 bike ($1,195, Ride1up.com) is rated the best starter e-bike for beginners. It has a lower price point than other bikes with the same features, so you get a lot for your money. The Core-5 is a class 3 electric bike with 28 MPH pedal assist and has a range of 45 miles, so it’s also a good option for commuters. There are two frame type options (step-through and step-over), and the bike is available in three colors (gray, blue, and mint).

Watch out for holiday sales. In late 2022, Ride1Up offered up to $300 off select bikes.

  • Battery: 48V12.8ah Reention Eel Pro LG Cells
  • Motor: 48V, 750W
  • Range: 25 – 45 miles
  • Weight: 49 lb

2. Aventon Soltera e-Bike: $1,199 at Aventon

The Aventon Soltera eBike ($1,199, Aventon.com) has some of the best reviews of any e-bike on the market. Even better, it’s priced super reasonably at just under $1,200. It has more than 375 5-star reviews on the Aventon site, and Forbes even calls this bike “the most bang for your buck.”

The bike is available in two sizes (regular and large), and you can choose between single-speed or 7-speed. It can reach 20 MPH, so it’s not the fastest option available. But it features a range of 41 miles and a lightweight frame. You can even sync your bike to the Aventon app to configure the bike settings right from your phone and see real-time stats about each ride. We like that the bike ships for free and you can add accident protection for $75 a year.

The bikes usually go on sale at the end of the year. The price on this one will likely go up to $1,399 in late January.

  • Battery: 36V, 9.6Ah
  • Motor: 36V, 350W
  • Range: 41 miles
  • Weight: 41 lb (single-speed) to 43 lb (7-speed)

3. Velotric Discover 1 Bike: $1,249 at Velotric

With an extra comfortable seat and a 65-mile range, the Velotric Discover 1 ($1,249, Velotricbike.com) is designed for commuting. It comes with a removable battery and can be charged via USB for on the go. It also has a 5-level pedal assist, a walk mode for busy intersections or city streets, and hydraulic disc brakes. And it comes in three colors: yellow, blue, and gray.

Plus, it’s on major sale right now, so grab it while you can. It’s normally $1,899 but currently $650 off. And your purchase includes a free 1-year warranty. There’s also the option to try the 14-day free trial before you buy. The bike comes with free shipping, and in-stock bikes will ship within two business days. Keep in mind that if you plan to buy more than one, code BUYTWO will save you $200.

  • Battery: 48V 14.4Ah
  • Motor: 500/900 W
  • Range: 65 miles
  • Weight: 65 lb
$1249.00$1899.00(34% off)

4. RipRacer: $1,299 at Juiced Bikes

The RipRacer ($1,299, Juicedbikes.com) is a versatile bike that fits a wide range of sizes. There are two options available: Class 2 (20 mph) or Class 3 (28+ mph). The bike comes in four colors and, according to Juiced Bikes, is one of the most size-inclusive e-bikes you can buy.

Rather than offering different size ranges, the standard bike can comfortably fit riders from 5′ to 6’3, so it’s the best option if you’re looking for one bike that multiple people can share. The bike comes with free shipping (guaranteed to ship within three business days!) and a 1-year warranty is included in your purchase.

The site often has deals. We recently saw them offer $200 off when you buy two or take $150 off a new bike for New Year’s. The coupon codes change often, but you’ll almost always find one on the website’s top banner.

  • Battery: 52V 15 Ah
  • Motor: 750W
  • Range: 55 miles
  • Weight: 66 lb

5. Pace 350.2: $1,299 at Aventon

Another excellent beginner bike is the Pace 350.2 ($1,299, Aventon.com). It has a 4.75 rating on the Aventon site with reviewers commenting on the smooth ride and how easy it is to get on and off the bike.

The Pace has a backlit color display so you can watch your riding stats in real time, no matter how dark it is outside. It has puncture-resistant tires, a headlight, and integrated tail lights that turn on anytime you brake for added safety. It’s on sale for $100 off right now, and it includes a 1-year free warranty and a 14-day free trial. You can also add a year of accident protection for just $79.99.

  • Battery: 36V, 11.6Ah(417Wh)
  • Motor: 36V, 350W
  • Range: 40 miles
  • Weight: 49 lb
$1299.00$1399.00(7% off)

6. RadRover 6 Plus: $1,699 at Rad Power Bikes

If you’re looking for a solid commuter bike, this RadRover 6 Plus ($1,699, Radpowerbikes.com) is the perfect option. The bike is available in both high-step or step-through options, and it can carry up to 275 pounds. It also has a range of up to 45 miles, depending on the terrain. This bike is designed to fit international safety standards and can accommodate a wide range of heights.

Note that the bike comes with a free 1-year warranty, and you can try it out with a 14-day free trial to make sure you love it before you commit. Prices will go up in mid-to-late January.

  • Battery: 589-672 Wh
  • Motor: 750W
  • Range: 25 – 45 miles
  • Weight: 73.4 lb

7. City Electric Bike: $1,799 at Charge Bikes

If you’re looking for a lightweight e-bike, the City Electric Bike ($1,799, Chargebikes.com) is one of the lightest on the market and comes with a pretty reasonable price tag at just under $1,800. It weighs 45 pounds (including the battery), which makes it almost half the weight of other popular bikes in the same price range. There are two frame options (low-step and standard), and the bike is available in silver, red, and blue. Plus, you can assemble it in under 10 minutes.

If you buy more than one bike at a time, you can save $200 with the code BUYTWO.

  • Battery: 36V, 11.6 Ah
  • Motor: 250W
  • Range: 50 miles
  • Weight: 45 lb

8. Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1: $1,799 at REI

As one reviewer says, the Co-op Cycles CTY ($1,799, REI) has “lots of features for the money. Especially mid-drive, solid components, lights, and carrier.” The low stand-over height makes it easy to ride no matter how tall you are, and the adjustable stem allows you to customize the bike for your most comfortable ride. We like that the battery comes with a lock, so you’ll feel comfortable parking the bike wherever you go. Another reviewer says the bike runs a bit large, so make sure to check the size chart and reviews before purchasing.

Keep in mind that there’s an $85 charge for shipping since it’s an oversized product. But you can pick it up for free at your nearest REI location. And if you’re an REI member, you can save an extra $179.90, which more than covers the shipping cost.

  • Battery: 36V/418Wh
  • Motor: 250W
  • Range: 50 miles
  • Weight: 50.5 lb

9. Aventon Adventure: $1,999 at Aventon

Looking for a bike that’s a bit more advanced but still under $2,000? The Aventon Adventure ($1,999, Aventon.com) has rave reviews. “The power assist is fantastic,” one reviewer writes. He also like that cruising down the road is effortless thanks to the 8-gear ranges on the rear wheel and five power assist levels.

Several reviewers also commented on fast shipping time and ease of assembly upon arrival. It’s available in small, medium, and large and comes in three colors (tan, green, and black).

  • Battery: 48V, 15Ah
  • Motor: 1130W
  • Range: 45 miles
  • Weight: 73 lb

10. Denago Commute Model 1 Top-Tube eBike: $1,999 at Bike.com

The Denago Commute Model 1 Top-Tube eBike ($1,999, Bike.com) is specifically designed for commuters. It has a traditional double-diamond frame and a suspension fork and seat post for a more comfortable ride, no matter how long your commute. There’s a digital handlebar so you can see all your ride stats at once, and it even has a pin code feature for safety. The hidden battery locks with a key so you can ride it to work, park, and not worry about someone walking off with it. The bike is available in S/M or L/XL, so check the size chart before ordering.

Note that you can get a free subscription to Flare premium (a safety and tracking app that’s normally $60) with your purchase.

  • Battery: 652.8 Wh
  • Motor: 500W
  • Range: 45 miles
  • Weight: 66 lb

11. Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 EQ Electric Bike: $2,175 at REI

If you’re looking to spend a bit more, the Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 ($2,175, REI) has excellent reviews. Reviewers especially like the hidden battery and the fact that pedaling is made super easy. The bike has a range of up to 47 miles on one charge, and it comes with a full year of free adjustments, so you can fit it perfectly to your body.

It’s equipped with front and rear lights, as well as flat-mount hydraulic disc brakes for added safety. The 8-speed bike comes in gray or blue and is available in medium and large size options. And if you purchase it from REI, they’ll assemble it for you for free. Because of its size, there’s an additional $160 charge to ship it, but you can pick it up at an REI location for free.

  • Battery: Lithium ion 250W
  • Motor: 250W
  • Range: 47 miles
  • Weight: Unavailable

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