Before you assume everything on Etsy is on the pricey side, we did our research and found these items to be unbeatable.

Bonus: Because they are made by individuals, they usually are more unique and much more special.

Just be wary of shipping costs: they tend to be over $5. If you select items shipping from your country, they tend to have a lower shipping fee. There’s also an option to search only for items with free shipping.


1. Buy custom shirts to save up to 38%.

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A custom T-shirt with just an image at Walmart Photo Center costs $17, but I’ve found them as low as $10.54 on Etsy.


2. Save at least 58% on personalized doormats at Etsy instead of Pottery Barn.

If you’re looking for a good-quality, custom doormat, Etsy is going to give you some great options. I found many starting at $24.95, while they start around $59 on Pottery Barn.


3. Save at least 37% on one-of-a-kind jewelry.

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It’s no surprise custom jewelry can come at a high price, but with Etsy, it can actually be pretty reasonable.

For example, I found a personalized necklace with a customizable coordinate for just $12.95. A similar one on Amazon would cost you $20.50.

TIP: Etsy is also a great place to look for unique engagement rings.



4. Buy greeting card bundles for up to $0.57 less per card.

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I was all over the place comparing holiday cards this winter and came across some on Etsy that were only $12.95 for 30 cards ($0.43 apiece) compared to ones I found at Hallmark that were 12 for $11.99 ($1 apiece).

TIP: The best way to save on holiday cards is to buy in bulk. Otherwise, you will probably be spending at least $3 a card.


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5. Save on art by printing unique, handmade images from Etsy artists.

This is one of my favorite things to buy on Etsy. You can get original image artwork for such a low price — especially when you buy the digital downloads and have them printed yourself.

For example, I found six succulent paintings that I could buy the digital download for, for just $14.39. It would only cost me $1.79 to print them off, for a total of $25.13. On, succulent paintings sell for $5.49 apiece and would cost me $32.94 before shipping.

TIP: With digital downloads, you can save the files to print out again.


6. Dress your baby with headbands from Etsy instead of from boutiques.

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Baby headbands can be pretty pricey when you start going to boutique shops like Think Pink Bows. They start around $5.

I found very similar basic ones on Etsy for just $3.95 (or $16.10 for 5). And, of course, you’re gonna want a variety — with five different colors, you’d be saving over $5.


7. Find materials for all kinds of crafts and projects.

Seriously, this one might not always save you money, but this is what Etsy is all about. Products tend to be very unique because they’re typically handcrafted.

You can find all kinds of things to help you learn a new hobby, from hand-dyed yarn to homemade stamps for scrapbooks.


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