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You Don't Need a Coupon to Save at Etsy — Here's How:

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Don’t assume you can’t get discounts on Etsy products — even though Etsy doesn’t do sitewide coupons or deals, they still give you a few good ways to save every time you shop.

Here’s what I mean: Instead of wasting time looking for a free shipping coupon, remember to use their search filters for “free shipping” instead. Etsy’s site actually makes it pretty easy to find deals from their individual sellers, and I’m going to show you how.

Here are our top ways to navigate Etsy and find the best prices every time:


1. Remember that Etsy coupons are unreliable.

A screenshot of an Etsy page with a notification showing a coupon sent by the seller of a favorited item.

Etsy doesn’t make or distribute sitewide coupons — instead, any coupons you find come from individual Etsy sellers. And in my experience, these Etsy coupons are extremely unreliable. As in, they almost never work for me.

I’ve found Etsy coupons on Reddit, by subscribing to an Etsy seller’s email newsletter, and by following Etsy sellers on social media. The only ones that have ever worked have been subscribing to a seller’s email newsletter, which I was able to sign up for from their shop’s homepage.

But here’s the good news: You don’t need a coupon to easily find savings on Etsy.


2. Get lower prices and free Etsy shipping when you sort and add filters to your search.

A screenshot of a Etsy page with the filter bar showing, with FREE shipping and On Sale filters selected.

It’s a pretty straightforward tip, but even we forget to do it! Sorting by the lowest price and filtering for free shipping and “on sale” on Etsy will make your search a whole lot easier. You can also filter results by setting a price range to be sure that everything you see is in your budget without sifting through pages of items.

That’s how I found this Darth Vader Santa hair bow from Bowtraction for $12, which — shameless plug — is a shop run by one of my coworkers here at Krazy Coupon Lady.

PRO TIP: Sort by what’s “On Sale” after you choose a category.


3. Ask Etsy sellers for a discount or free shipping when you buy in bulk.
A screenshot of an Etsy shop with the shop chat box open. The message, "Hello. I'm wondering if you'd give a discounted price for a bulk order?" is typed into the message box.

Buying “in bulk” on Etsy can mean buying a lot of the same item or it can mean buying a lot of different items but from the same seller. Either way, sellers are often open to negotiating prices and shipping costs when you’re making a big purchase.

For example, you could buy a plain white tumbler for around $15 each, or buy them 5 for $45 ($9 each), 10 for $82 ($8.20 each), or even 100 for $650 ($6.50 each).


4. Check Etsy on Sale before you actually start searching Etsy.

A screenshot of the Etsy on Sale website.

Etsy on Sale combs Etsy’s site and pulls anything that’s currently discounted. This means you’re only searching through thousands of items that are actually discounted instead of millions of full price and discounted items to find something you like.

We found these smokey quartz beads, normally $80, priced down to $40, via Etsy on Sale. When we clicked the listing, it ended up being reduced even further to $16.



5. Shop Etsy Local to avoid shipping fees.

A screenshot of an Etsy page with the filter box open and the shop location selected for Boise, ID.

On the left hand side of your results, you’ll see a section for “Shop Location”. Just enter your city and you can see both local shops and local events Etsy sellers in your town will be attending.

Yes, you’ll avoid paying shipping, but also you’ll get to see the merchandise before you pay for it.


6. Compare Etsy items you have your eye on with items on Amazon Handmade.

A screenshot of a side-by-side comparison of two similar products on Etsy and Amazon.

If you know you want a handmade clock, but you’re not too picky on style, compare Etsy clocks and prices with what’s offered on Amazon Handmade.

Amazon Prime members get free Prime shipping on most items, and prices are comparable with Etsy.

But if you’re shopping for hair bows, stick to Etsy. Because Etsy’s where you’ll find handmade hair bows made by one of my KCL colleagues, who runs the Etsy shop Bowtraction — where I found this Darth Vader Santa hair bow for $12. (Shameless plug.)


7. “Favorite” any Etsy items you might want to revisit.

A screenshot of an Etsy product that has been favorited.

It’s nearly impossible to find something twice on Etsy, so if you “favorite” an item or a shop you like and want to come back to, you’ll be able to find it faster. Even if that item sells out, it will still be in your favorites so you can find items like it, or the shop, later.

If you have any questions about shopping Etsy, drop them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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