Don’t assume you can’t get discounts on Etsy merch!

There are coupon codes and little-known tricks to finding sales on handmade and vintage items.

Here are our top ways to navigate Etsy and find the best prices every time:


1. Find a coupon code at or RetailMeNot.

Honestly? seems easier to navigate, but RetailMeNot has some pretty high-value offers.

When you’re navigating RetailMeNot, search for Etsy + your item. Like “Etsy Vintage” or “Etsy Shirts.” You’ll see any shops selling those items with a RetailMeNot deal.


2. Ask for a discount when you’re buying in bulk.

Buying “in bulk” on Etsy can mean buying a lot of the same item or it can mean buying a lot of different items but from the same seller. Either way, sellers are often open to negotiating prices when you’re making a big purchase.


3. Get 2.5% cash back when you shop through Ibotta.

Ibotta has a higher earning margin than competitors like Ebates. For example, you’ll get 1% cash back when you shop through Ebates.



4. Check Etsy on Sale before you actually start searching Etsy.

Etsy on Sale combs Etsy’s site and pulls anything that’s currently discounted. This means you’re only searching through thousands of items that are actually discounted instead of millions of full price and discounted items to find something you like.


5. Sort by what’s “On Sale” after you choose a category.

You used to have to enter the word “sale” in the search bar on the Etsy site, but now you can check a box and it’ll sort items for you based on what’s on sale. Genius.


6. Shop Etsy Local to avoid shipping fees.

Just enter your city and you can see both local shops and local events Etsy sellers in your town will be attending. Yes, you’ll avoid paying shipping, but also you’ll get to see the merchandise before you pay for it.


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7. Compare the item you have your eye on with items on Amazon Handmade.

If you know you want a handmade clock, but you’re not too picky on style, compare Etsy clocks and prices with what’s offered on Amazon Handmade.

Amazon Prime members get free Prime shipping on most items, and prices are comparable with Etsy.



8. “Favorite” anything you might want to revisit.

It’s nearly impossible to find something twice on Etsy, so if you “favorite” an item or a shop you like and want to come back to, you’ll be able to find it faster.


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8 Etsy Shopping Hacks to Help You Find the Best Deals