Finding Carter’s sales isn’t too hard and the deals are frequent and glorious, so you should never have to pay full price for baby clothes.

I’m talking bodysuits for $2 or less and blanket sleepers for under $8. You’re going to learn when’s the best time of year to shop for Carter’s, and also which stores offer the best (lowest or most frequent) deals.

Time to outfit your baby for about the price of a Starbucks PSL. In order to do this, you need to download the KCL app and watch Carter’s deals.


1. Stock up on Carter’s bodysuits and sleepers during Black Friday sales at Kohl’s.

From about late October through Christmas is the best time to shop for Carter’s. During Black Friday at Kohl’s in 2019 and in 2020, it was possible to get bodysuits for under $2 each and sleepers for less than $6.50. These are both stock-up prices for Carter’s baby clothes, so mark your calendars!

How do you do it? Kohl’s always offers a sale price combined with some type of promo code. In 2019, it was a generic promo code you could use on anything during Black Friday, and in 2020, it was a mystery code offering up to 40% off. The result was Carter’s bodysuits for $1.90.

Ditto for footed sleepers. In 2019, Kohl’s Carter’s price came to $5.94 each, and in 2020, they were $6.40 after you applied the promo code.

The promo code will probably be different in 2021, but you can plan on a stock-up price on bodysuits at Kohl’s, no matter what. Bookmark KCL’s Black Friday Deals page so you’re the first to hear about it.

Buy 1 Baby Carter’s 5-Pack Bodysuit (reg. $28) $15.99, sale price
Use Mystery Savings Code for up to 40% off
Final Price: as low as $9.59, or $1.92 per bodysuit
Buy 1 Carter’s Pajamas (reg. $20 – $34) $8 – $13.60, sale price
Use EXTRA20 for 20% off
Final Price: as low as $6.40


2. Don’t miss $5 sleepers from or Amazon during Black Friday.

During Black Friday 2019, offered a doorbuster price on sleepers — $5 each. This was well below KCL’s stock-up price of $8 for these.

In 2020, offered other deals, but not this one. Instead, Amazon took up the torch and offered $5 Carter’s sleepers on Cyber Monday. It might be splitting hairs, but you should know that Amazon, Target, and Walmart all sell their own Carter’s line.


3. The other Carter’s sale you cannot miss happens after Christmas.

Sure, you’ve given all the gifts and you’re ready to put the tree away, but if you’ve still got to put clothes on a baby this year, plan to shop the week after Christmas.

In both 2019 and 2020, I saw savings over 80%. Shop for bodysuits, pajamas, toddler clothes, shoes, and more.

Buy 1 Carter’s Bodysuits (reg. $14) $2.39 – $5.59, sale price
Final Price: as low as $2.39
Buy 1 Carter’s Footie PJ’s (reg. $20) $6 – $9, sale price
Final Price: as low as $6


4. Nowhere near Christmas? Carter’s sales happen about once every other month. offers an extra percentage-off sale fairly often, so don’t worry if you caught this article and it’s like February. Just Text “HOT DEALS” to +1 (208) 266-4466 and I’ll tap your shoulder the next time I see a deal.

Best things to buy during these sales are toddler and baby clothes. Here’s an example of what I’ve seen so far in 2021:

Buy 1 Carter’s Graphic T-Shirt (reg. $12), $2.09 clearance price
Final Price: as low as $2.09
​​Buy 1 Carter’s Girls’ Pull-On Shorts (reg. $14 – $30) $3.59 – $11.99, clearance price
Final Price: as low as $3.59
Buy 1 Carter’s 3-Piece Sleep & Play & Bodysuit Set (reg. $28) $9.19, clearance price
Final Price: $9.19

Be sure to sign up for the Rewarding Moments loyalty program. You’ll earn one point per dollar you spend, and when you reach 150 points, you can cash in a $10 reward.



5. What’s the difference between Carter’s-owned lines Just One You, Child of Mine, and Simple Joys?

Target, Walmart, and Amazon each have their own “made by Carter’s” line of baby clothes.

Just One You is a Target exclusive, Child of Mine is a Walmart exclusive, and Simple Joys is an Amazon exclusive. These are all technically “Carter’s” baby clothes.

These are all made by Carter’s, so really it all comes down to preference. Some people prefer the Just One You styles, which aren’t offered anywhere else, for example, while others might prefer Child of Mine, which is less expensive overall and a bit roomier. (Bear in mind each retailer’s coupon offerings. Walmart will only offer clearance prices at best, but for both Target and Amazon you can find retailer-exclusive coupons and deals.)

Here’s a comparison of full, regular prices at each:

Target’s Just One You

Bodysuits: $2.50 each
Sleepers: $8.50 each

Walmart’s Child of Mine

Bodysuits: $2.32 each
Sleepers: $4.33 each

Amazon’s Simple Joys

Bodysuits: $3.58 each
Sleepers: $7.70 each


6. Don’t buy Just One You by Carter’s at Target unless you have a RedCard!

Target’s RedCard is connected to your checking account, so it’s not a credit card. But it’ll save you 5% at the register on almost everything you buy when you shop Target.

Don’t buy Just One You by Carter’s without the extra 5% savings. And even better? Watch for a sale price and then use your RedCard!

Buy 1 Just One You by Carter’s Baby Bodysuit 3 – 4 pack (reg. $8.99 – $9.99) $7, sale price
Use RedCard for 5% off
Final Price: $6.65, or as low as $1.75 each


7. Shop JCPenney sales for the best year-round stock-up deals on Carter’s bodysuits and 3-piece outfits.

In addition to the great sales, JCPenney has plenty of promo codes and rewards points that convert to cash, which, of course, you can spend on more Carter’s products.

I’m never disappointed when I’m looking for Carter’s brand at JCPenney’s, because at a clearance markdown price — before coupons or promos — I can get a sleeper for just over $6 (marked down from $18).

Short-sleeved bodysuits at JCPenney can hit an even lower price point — typically $1.90 each or less, and rompers hover around the $4 mark. All great prices!

The way to save the most money is by stacking promo codes with sale prices like this:

Buy 1 Carter’s Baby Boy Bodysuits 5-Pack (reg. $26 – $28) $12.99 – $13.99
Use SUPERSAT for 30% off
Final Price: as low as $9.09, or $1.81 each
Buy 1 Carter’s Baby Girls’ Knit Long Sleeve One-Piece Pajama (reg. $20) $8, sale price
Use 2HONOR for 25% off
Final Price: $6
Buy 1 Carter’s Baby Girls’ Baby Creeper (reg. $16) $5.99, sale price
Use GOSAVE30 for 30% off
Final Price: $4.19

TIP: If you’re in a bind and you can’t find a good deal at Kohl’s or JCPenney, it’s worth it to check out T.J.Maxx and Burlington. Both have bodysuit sale prices that are below $3 each. Selection is hit or miss and it’s limited in both size and style availability, but it may work in a pinch.


8. Buy packs of bodysuits, not singles, to get the best value during a Carter’s sale.

Carter’s bodysuits typically come in packs of five (short sleeves) and packs of four (long sleeves). Single bodysuits are usually specialty, like holiday-themed, or the like. It’s hard to get these at the under-$2 price point. The best strategy is to skip buying single bodysuits altogether unless you can get them for $2 or less, which is your bodysuit stock-up price.

For example, here’s a comparison of the same 5-pack bodysuit deal from Kohl’s that I showed at the start of the article with a deal on a single, specialty bodysuit. Would you rather pay $1.92 per bodysuit or $5 for a bodysuit?

Buy 1 Baby Carter’s 5-Pack Bodysuit (reg. $28) $15.99, sale price
Use Mystery Savings Code for up to 40% off
Final Price: as low as $9.59, or $1.92 per bodysuit
Buy 1 Baby Carter’s “Auntie’s Little Guy” Bodysuit (reg. $14) $9.99, sale price
Use Mystery Savings Code for up to 40% off
Final Price: $5



9. Use Bed Bath & Beyond’s 20% off coupons on Carter’s at buybuyBaby.

buybuy Baby is owned by Bed Bath & Beyond, which means they’ll honor their parent company’s 20% off coupons. Or you can sign up for buybuyBaby emails and get 20% off. You can do both, but you’ll have to use them on separate transactions.

buybuyBaby can’t keep up with Kohl’s or JCPenney’s prices on Carter’s, but it could get you a discount if you need Carter’s and can’t find anything you like on sale anywhere else.

(Unfortunately, you can’t use the Bed Bath & Beyond coupon when you shop online at


10. Stock up on sleepers at in the fall.

Costco carries an array of Carter’s items like pajamas and outfits. But the most impressive thing is the price on blanket sleepers.

The good news is these get as cheap as $3 when there’s a promotion like “Buy 5, Save $20.” The bad news is you’ll only really find them on Costco’s apparel tables when fall shows up. They’ll be around through the winter or until inventory is gone, whichever happens sooner, so buy a size up for when the baby grows and Carter’s are nowhere to be found at Costco.

Buy 5 Carter’s Sleepers, 2 count $14.99, regular price
Buy 5, save $20 instantly
Final Price: $5.99 each, when you buy 5, or $3 per sleeper


11. Shop Macy’s One Day Sales for stock-up prices on bodysuits.

Macy’s is notoriously hush-hush about the timing of One Day Sales, but they’re usually the third Saturday of the month with a preview day on Friday. Shop Friday mornings for the best selection of under-$2 bodysuits.

Buy 1 Carter’s Baby 5-Pack Bodysuits (reg. $28) $9.80, sale price
Final Price: $9.80, or $1.96 per bodysuit

You can also find under-$6 sleepers at Macy’s when there’s a steep sale and a promo code you can use on top of the sale price. Like this:

Buy 1 Carter’s Baby Sleep & Play One Piece (reg. $16 – $20) $8 – $15, sale price
Use VIP for 30% off
Final Price: as low as $5.60


12. Shop for Carter’s infant and toddler shoes on sale at 6pm and Kohl’s.

At first glance, you’ll see that’s prices on Carter’s infant and toddler shoes are fabulous. You can get a pair for $15.30 (regular price, $34), for example.

Aim for 50 – 70% savings on Carter’s shoes at Kohl’s. You’ll see these prices when you can stack a promo code with a sale. Like this:

Buy 1 Carter’s Baby Boy Boat Crib Shoes (reg. $19) $5.70, clearance price
Use WINTER20 for 20% off
Final Price: $4.56
76% savings



13. Carter’s Outlet stores sell the same items as Carter’s Retail stores. (Ditto Carter’s Outlet Online.)

There’s no difference in merchandise quality between the regular Carter’s stores and the Carter’s Outlet.

The only reason Carter’s has an outlet version of their store is because sometimes outlet malls require retailers to be “outlet stores” in order to lease a space.

Your Carter’s Outlet may be a larger store with a wider selection (and great one-off clearance deals), and your Carter’s Retail store may have newer items than the outlet, but the items — and prices — are otherwise the same.

The same goes for However you shop the Carter’s store, just make sure you’re never paying full price! What tips do you have for getting Carter’s clothes for super cheap? Tell me in the comments.


13 Ways to Save on Carter's Baby Clothes