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All 600+ Chuck E. Cheese locations have been closed to the public since mid-March, but the pizza/arcade/animatronic chain has sought to survive in a number of ways, including $20+ at-home party packs, free downloadables, and the ability to get their pizza delivered.

If getting Chuck E. Cheese pizza delivered — instead of, say, your local pizza joint or a more established chain like Domino’s or Papa John’s — isn’t top-of-mind, you’d be forgiven.

But the mouse thinks that maybe, you need to be reintroduced to his pizza. In recent days, Grubhub users have found a new pizza joint on their list of delivery options: Pasqually’s Pizza.

But make no mistake: It’s Chuck E. Cheese’s.


Chuck E. Cheese recently changed their name to Pasqually’s on GrubHub.

Chuck E. Cheese changed their name to Pasqually's on GrubHub. It's still the old name on DoorDash.

Chuck E. Cheese has slowly rolled out a name change for their pizza listings on popular delivery sites over the last several weeks. GrubHub, Postmates, and Seamless now show Pasqually’s, while Chuck E. Cheese remains the name on DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Comparing Pasqually’s addresses on GrubHub and DoorDash quickly shows that they share location with Chuck E. Cheese.


Is Pasqually’s the same as Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza? Depends on who you ask.

Although all of the pizzas available via Pasqually’s can be bought through ChuckECheese.com, the parent company says they’re not the same thing.

A statement from Chuck E. Cheese says the Pasqually’s brand pizza is a premium version of what you’d eat during birthday parties, featuring “a thicker crust and extra sauce.”



Chuck E. Cheese has a bigger menu than Pasqually’s.

Pasqually’s pizza menu includes BBQ chicken, supreme, stuffed crust, all-meat, all-veggie and make-your-own. The rest of their menu is super cheesy bread, bone-in wings, boneless wings, and a chocolate chip cookie pizza.

All of those items are available for purchase through ChuckECheese.com.


If you’re going to buy, order through Chuck E. Cheese’s website.

In my area, buying a large supreme pizza, cheesy bread, and cookie pizza at Pasqually’s would cost me $27.98 on GrubHub (before taxes and delivery fees).

The same items at Chuck E. Cheese through DoorDash cost me $33.47 before taxes and fees.

A pickup order through ChuckECheese.com only costs $18.99 before tax.


Pasqually, by the way, is one of Chuck E.’s band members.

He’s the pizza-making drummer — although Pasqually’s doesn’t use any of the character imagery (or even a reference to parent company Chuck E. Cheese) in their marketing.

Wonder if the West Philadelphia pizza restaurant Pasqually’s will have any problem with this. . .


Applebee’s also is on GrubHub with a different name, by the way.

Do you think of Applebee’s when you’re wanting wings? Well, the fast-casual restaurant is hoping you will.

They recently appeared on GrubHub under the name Neighborhood Wings, and folks were dumbfounded. Once the switcheroo was discovered, they added “by Applebees” to the end of their name.

Applebee’s says Neighborhood Wings is a way to showcase new menu items otherwise not available to standard Applebee’s customers.


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