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All Colleen Hoover Books In Order & Where You Can Buy Them

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If you’ve been looking to read Colleen Hoover’s literary discography from start to finish, this post is for you. You may recall that this 42-year-old romance fiction writer (who also occasionally dabbles in romantic thrillers and young adult novels) has made a household name for herself after pursuing self-publishing on Amazon. Her first few books, which debuted in 2012, were self-published before they were eventually picked up by publishing companies.

And thanks to #BookTok — that’s that subgenre of TikTok that is quite literally obsessed with reading the hottest books of the moment — Hoover’s work has garnered an unlikely, super passionate fandom…even years after her books were published.

Though they’re undeniably the hottest romance novels on the market right now, so if you’ve been interested in reading them in order (though the stories are unrelated and don’t go chronologically), now’s as good a time as any to fill your bookshelf with as much Colleen Hoover as possible.

Here are all the Colleen Hoover books in order and where to find them on sale at their lowest prices.

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Colleen Hoover Books in Order

A person taking a Colleen Hoover book from a shelf at Target

Slammed (2012)

Her first-ever published book, Hoover self-published Slammed on Amazon in 2012 so that her mother could read it via Kindle. After some success on Amazon’s publishing platform, Hoover wrote two more sequels — for a 3-part series — and Atria Books picked up the novels, republishing them later that year. Hoover quit her job to focus on writing full-time.

Slammed — the first book in the Slammed series — is a young adult novel about 18-year-old Layken who is dealing with the unexpected death of her father by being the main source of support for her mother and younger brother. When Layken meets her neighbor Will, she finds a muse of sorts as the two share a love for poetry. But a shocking discovery threatens to pull them apart even as poetry tries to keep them together.

$10.76$17.99(40% off)

You can also buy Slammed for $10.76 on Target (orig. $17.99) or the Kindle version for just $11.99!


Point of Retreat (2012)

Hoover’s second book in the Slammed series, Point of Retreat was also first self-published before it was eventually picked up by Atria Books and redistributed under Hoover’s new publishing deal.

In the sequel to Slammed, readers return to the romance that is Layken and Will even as new forces threaten to tear them apart, questioning whether their unique connection is as strong as they believe it to be.

$10.79$17.99(40% off)

You can also buy Point of Retreat for $10.79 on Target (orig. $17.99) or the Kindle version for just $11.99!


This Girl (2013)

This Girl is the third and final installment in Hoover’s Slammed series. By the time This Girl came out in 2013, Hoover had already signed a publishing deal with Atria.

In a move that readers will soon find out is Hoover’s signature, the writer flips the script in the third book of the saga, as This Girl is now written from Will’s point of view as the young lovers work through tough memories of the past that even today still put a damper on their flame.

$11.33$17.99(37% off)

You can also buy This Girl on the Kindle version for just $10.99!

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Hopeless (2013)

Next up, Hoover tried her writing hand at a new series, the Hopeless series — the first book of which is now 37% off at Amazon. The novel of the same name is the first book in the series and follows main character Sky, a high school senior, who meets Dean Holder, a dude with a promiscuous reputation and a tendency to remind Sky of her troubled past. It’s a quintessential story of first love — and it’s now on sale!

$11.12$17.99(38% off)

You can also buy Hopeless for $11.12 on Target (orig. $17.99) or the Kindle version for just $11.99!


Losing Hope (2013)

Next came Losing Hope, book two of the Hopeless series. Without giving away too many spoilers, we’ll just say that we return to the love story that is Holder and Sky as Holder tries to work through his own feelings of guilt and remorse.

$13.40$17.99(26% off)

You can also buy Losing Hope for $13.40 on Target (orig. $17.99) or the Kindle version for just $11.99!


Finding Cinderella (2014) novella

Though Finding Cinderella opens on two new characters and their unlikely love story — Daniel and Six — Hoover’s 2014 novella is, in fact, the third installment in her Hopeless series. We won’t spoil how it all comes together — after all, there are two more books in this series even after Finding Cinderella!

$10.99$15.99(31% off)

You can also buy Finding Cinderella for $10.99 at Target (orig. $15.99) or the Kindle version for FREE!


All Your Perfects (2018)

The fourth in the Hopeless series, All Your Perfects unfolds the imperfect marriage of Quinn and Graham. Is their union beyond the point of repair? The future of their marriage may just end up hinging on the promises they’ve made to each other in the past. And though we may not know exactly how yet, it’s all intertwined with the previous three books in the Hopeless series.

$10.00$16.99(41% off)

You can also buy All Your Perfects for $10 on Target (orig. $16.99) or the Kindle version for just $12.99!


Finding Perfect (2019) novella

Another novella, Finding Perfect is the fifth and final story in Hoover’s Hopeless series, and it unites some of Hoover’s most beloved characters. Like Finding Cinderella, it’s also told from Daniel’s perspective, but you’ll also find the conclusion you’ve been waiting for — a conclusion that ties in Hopeless, Losing Hope, Finding Cinderella, and All Your Perfects.

$8.46$15.99(47% off)

You can also buy Finding Perfect for $9 on Target (orig. $15.99) or the Kindle version for just $7.99!


Maybe Someday (2014)

Book one of Hoover’s Maybe Someday series, readers are introduced to 22-year-old college student Sydney. She has a great boyfriend in Hunter and a best friend in her roommate Tori, but when Sydney finds out Hunter is cheating on her, it changes everything. In the midst of Hunter’s infidelity, does she dare pursue an unlikely interest she has in her neighbor Ridge?

$9.99$16.99(41% off)

You can also buy Someday for $9.99 on Target (orig. $16.99) or the Kindle version for just $12.99!


Maybe Not: A Novella (2018)

As Hoover is known to do, the second installment in the Maybe Someday series is actually a novella — that’s just a work of fiction that clocks in between 20,000 and 49,999 words. You can score it right now for 25% off!

In Maybe Not, Warren has the opportunity to live with a female roommate, Bridgette, but it soon is made clear to Warren that living with a girl is not all he thought it’d be. They can barely stand each other living in the same space, but that tension may just prove to be something more than just roommate woes …

$10.48$13.99(25% off)

You can also buy Maybe Not: A Novella for $10.48 on Target (orig. $13.99) or the Kindle version for just $7.99!


Maybe Now (2019)

For 47% off, readers can snag Maybe Now, which reunites us with the original Maybe Someday series characters we fell in love with: Sydney and Ridge. But as Sydney and Ridge navigate their own struggles, things with Warren and Bridgette become more tumultuous than ever, all while Maggie has to deal with a troubling diagnosis. The characters continue to affect each other (and each other’s relationships), but what’s different about this Hoover book is that it comes with a soundtrack crafted by Griffin Peterson.

$9.54$17.99(47% off)

You can also buy Maybe Now for $9.54 on Target (orig. $17.99) or the Kindle version just $13.99!


Ugly Love (2014)

Her first standalone novel, Ugly Love introduces readers to Tate Collins and Miles Archer — barely-friends acquaintances that have nothing in common except a physical attraction. Neither wants love out of this entanglement, so you know the sex is great. But as it always seems to be in a Hoover book, things become complicated quickly — even with love off the table.

$9.00$16.99(47% off)

You can also buy Ugly Love for $9 at Target (orig. $16.99) or the Kindle version for just $11.99!


Confess (2015)

Confess is also a standalone romance novel. Auburn Reed is 21 but has already lost everything that is important to her. While looking for a job at a Dallas art studio, she finds Owen Gentry who may just be a metaphor for everything she’s lost.

But it turns out Owen is keeping a major secret from her, and it seems the only way Auburn can get her life back on track is to remove him from it entirely. Even if it goes against what her heart wants. Still, Owen believes he may be able to win back Auburn if he were to just confess … even if the confession does more harm than good.

$10.49$16.99(38% off)

You can also buy Confess for $10.49 at Target (orig. $16.99) or the Kindle version for just $12.99!



November 9 (2015)

Also another standalone contemporary romance novel by Hoover, November 9 details the love story of Fallon and Ben, an aspiring novelist. Currently 41% off, the timing of this fictional couple’s relationship is undeniably inconvenient, as Fallon meets him a day before she’s supposed to move across the country. But now that Ben’s writing a novel inspired by Fallon and they’ve agreed to meet on the same date every year, is there hope for their skinny little cross-country love to grow into something more?

$9.63$16.99(43% off)

You can also buy November 9 for $9.63 at Target (orig. $16.99) or the Kindle version for just $12.99!


Too Late (2016)

In this 2016 Hoover book, readers meet Sloan, a determined woman who will do anything for the people she loves. But somehow, she finds herself stuck in a relationship with someone dangerous, just waiting it out until it’s safe to get out. Except one problem: Carter. Too Late, which is recommended for readers 18+ due to themes and scenes of both rape and murder, is also a standalone.


It Ends With Us (2016)

Perhaps the book that Hoover is most famous for writing, It Ends With Us was published in 2016 and received a wave of positive feedback when it went viral years later on TikTok. Now you can snag it for 41% off!

It’s the story of Lily, a Boston transplant, and Ryle Kincaid, an attractive neurosurgeon who has sworn off all romantic relationships. But there’s an undeniable attraction, and despite Ryle rejecting her proposals for a relationship, Lily can’t help but dig deeper and wonder what made him that way in the first place.

$9.74$16.99(43% off)

You can also buy It Ends With Us for $9.74 at Target (orig. $16.99) or the Kindle version for just $11.99!


It Starts With Us (2022)

It Starts With Us picks up right where the epilogue of It Ends With Us left off, switching between the perspectives of Lily and Atlas. After all, in order to understand Lily and Ryle, we have to understand that for Lily, it started with Atlas.

$10.49$17.99(42% off)

You can also buy It Starts With Us for $10.49 at Target (orig. $17.99) or the Kindle version for just $13.99!


Without Merit (2017)

Another standalone by Hoover, Without Merit follows the story of the Voss family. They live in a repurposed church, their matriarch is battling cancer, and the family’s patriarch is married to the mother’s previous nurse.

But there’s more to the Vosses than that little hiccup. There’s the half brother, the oldest siblings, and then, of course, there’s Merit Voss.

$10.34$17.99(43% off)

You can also buy Without Merit for $10.34 at Target (orig. $17.99) or the Kindle version for just $11.99!


Verity (2018)

Perhaps the Hoover book that went most viral on TikTok, Verity is Hoover’s first foray into a collaborative genre of both romance and thriller. Lowen is a struggling fiction writer whose boss is her ex when she is offered the writing gig of a lifetime: finish a series of successful books as a ghostwriter for a famous author who’s been injured and therefore unable to complete the series.

But things take a turn when Lowen starts falling for the injured author’s husband. And the turns just keep coming as Lowen tries to find out who this author — and the author’s husband — really are and what led to her injury.

$10.48$16.99(38% off)

You can also buy Verity for $10.48 at Target (orig. $16.99) or the Kindle version for $13.99.


Regretting You (2019)

Morgan Grant has a 16-year-old daughter, Clara, who she is determined to not let make the same mistakes that she did at that age. But with conflicting perspectives on life and ideas about how Clara should live, tension tears at this mother-daughter duo.

Then when Morgan’s husband is in a tragic accident, the mother and daughter find it even more impossible to coexist. But they’ll have to. That is, if Clara can keep away from the one boy her mother has forbidden her to see.

$8.29$14.95(45% off)

You can also buy Regretting You for $8.29 at Target (orig. $14.95) or the Kindle version for $2.99!


Heart Bones (2020)

With 43% off, Heart Bones is the standalone story of Beyha Grim who has suffered a childhood of both poverty and neglect. Now that she’s on her way to the life she wants and deserves — with a full-ride to college, no less — she’s ready to get out of Kentucky and all it’s meant for her. But two months before she’s about to leave, an unexpected death leaves her homeless, and she’s forced to move back in with her father — a man she barely knows.

Enter Samson, the brooding neighbor-type who’s as infuriating as he is good-looking. He may be annoying, but he also seems to be the only saving grace in Beyha’s less-than-ideal living situation.

$10.25$17.99(43% off)

You can also buy Heart Bones for $10.25 at Target (orig. $17.99) or the Kindle version for just $13.99!


Layla (2020)

Layla is about Leed and Layla, two young lovers who are certain they’re meant to be together. Until an unexpected turn of events leaves Layla fighting for her life and Leeds now has to decide: is this the woman he fell in love with?

The introduction of Willow complicates things, of course, as Leeds starts to form a connection with her based on his sorrows. But Leeds quickly finds out he can’t have both.

$8.97$14.95(40% off)

You can also buy Layla for $8.97 on Target (orig. $14.95) or the Kindle version for $2.99!


Reminders of Him (2022)

In Reminders of Him, Kenna Rowan has just gotten out of prison after serving a 5-year prison sentence. She returns to the town where it all went down — the DWI that led to the death of the father of her child — to find her estranged, now 5-year-old daughter. But the parents of her now-gone lover don’t want any contact. At all.

Though he still blames Kenna for the death of his best friend, Ledger — who never met Kenna in person while his friend was still alive — is the only person in town who hasn’t closed the door on Kenna for the sins of her past. But is their unexpected something-ship more than just kindness?

Can Kenna get back what she lost that night when she chose to drive?

$9.57$15.95(40% off)

You can also buy Reminders of Him for $9.57 at Target (orig. $15.95) or the Kindle version for $2.99!


Colleen Hoover’s Never Never Novellas

Never Never (Republish 2023)

Hoover originally wrote Never Never, a 3-story series, with co-author Tarryn Fisher and self-published the series starting in 2015. This highly rated series will be republished and re-released recently.

Never Never is a story about Charlize Wynwood and Silas Nash who have been best friends since they were little. In love since they both turned 14, they’re now working to uncover the truth about why the flame suddenly went out without warning despite being so embedded in each other’s lives growing up.

You can also buy Never Never: The Complete Series for $13.99 on the Kindle version.


Colleen Hoover Slammed Series in Order

The Slammed series in order includes: Slammed (2012), Point of Retreat (2012), This Girl (2013)


Colleen Hoover Maybe Someday Series in Order

The covers for Colleen Hoover's books Maybe Someday, Maybe Not, and Maybe Now

Maybe Someday (2014), Maybe Not: A Novella (2014), Maybe Now (2018)


Colleen Hoover Hopeless Series in Order

Five book covers for Colleen Hoover books.

Hopeless (2013), Losing Hope (2013), Finding Cinderella (2014), All Your Perfects (2018), Finding Perfect (2019)


Colleen Hoover It Ends With Us Series in Order

The covers for Colleen Hoover's books It Ends With Us and It Starts With Us

It Ends With Us (2016), It Starts With Us (2022)

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