Trying to find items such as disposable masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and other items the CDC deemed essential during the Coronavirus outbreak is next to impossible. I’ve complied a list of several companies making COVID-19 supplies to fill the void that demand has created.

Dyson Creates their own better-designed CoVent ventilators.

Back on March 27, Dyson released that they are going to help create 15,000 ventilators to donate to hospitals in need across the world. Even more impressive, they designed their ventilators in just 10 days. Dyson calls their ventilator CoVent and says it is designed to meet the specific needs of COVID-19 patients.

General Motors is making 50,000 masks a day.

General Motors announced that in order to help individuals on the front lines of COVID-19, they are shifting production at some factories to make masks, ventilators, and other in-demand items. One of their factories is expected to create 50,000 disposable face masks per day.

Carhartt is manufacturing medical gowns for healthcare workers.

Carhartt has assembled a crisis management team to help find ways to create masks and gowns for those on the front lines of COVID-19. The Carhartt factories based in Tennessee and Kentucky have already made more than 50,000 medical gowns to donate to hospitals across the country.

Davids Bridal and Joann’s Fabric Pledge to make 50,000 masks a week.

With COVID-19 having a major impact on the wedding industry, David’s Bridal and Joann’s Fabrics are doing their part to help those on the frontlines. Workers and factories are pledging to make 50,000 cloth masks a week to be donated to medical centers and senior centers in need. If you know a facility in need of masks, email to see if some of these masks can be donated to them.


DiscountMugs, a personalized office products company, is making hand sanitizer.

An office supply company named DiscountMugs is now making and selling hand sanitizer and masks. Please note that some items are only available to purchase in bulk quantities.

Daily Steals is reselling masks and alcohol wipes.

Daily Steals does not manufacture the products on the website, but they resell them at some of the lowest prices on the web. Their inventory changes daily, so check back to see if they have what you need.



The Honest Company is making natural hand sanitizer.

The Honest Company is an American wellness brand created by Jessica Alba to help provide safe quality items to families at an affordable price. They have recently started to branch out from baby products and have begun making hand sanitizer.

Hello Bello, another baby products co, is selling hand sanitizer, too.

Hello Bello is a company that was created to offer parents and babies products that are safe for humans but also good for the environment. While they specialize in diapers, baby wipes, and other baby products, they have recently started selling hand sanitizer.

Distilleries across the U.S. are making and selling hand sanitizer.

In light of the recent shortage of hand sanitizer on store shelfs, many distilleries across the country are stepping up to help fill the void. Not only are they creating an item that many people need, they are giving their products away to first responders and medical staff who are at the front lines of fighting the Coronavirus. Call your local distilleries and see if they have started creating hand sanitizer.

Here are a few distilleries creating hand sanitizer:

  • Shine Distillery and Grill – Oregon
  • Lexington Brewings – Kentucky
  • Old Forester – Kentucky
  • Caledonia Spirits – Vermont
  • Savage and Cooke – California
  • Denver Distillery – Colorado
  • Old Fourth Distillery – Georgia
  • St. Augustine Distillery – Florida
  • Old Glory Distillery – Tennessee
  • Twin Valley Distillery – Maryland
8 Companies Now Making COVID-19 Supplies