Today's new breed of freelancer may be a stay-at-home mom, a tech-savvy teen, a retired executive, a college student, or a hungry young professional keen to make a buck during the lunch hour. Wherever you fit (or don't) within this spectrum, there are plenty of ways to make easy money in those few spare moments you might otherwise be wasting. With these fun freelance mobile apps, you can freelance whenever you want from wherever you are. Learn more and turn your free minutes into ready cash!

1. Easy Shift

Easy Shift calls freelance work "shifts," and there are many options for how to earn. For instance, you can use the GPS on your phone to locate shifts at nearby shops and stores, or you can take surveys while standing in line, or at home during television commercials. Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNET, and others have all raved about Easy Shift.

What you need to know about using Easy Shift:

  • Payment via: PayPal (within 48 hours)
  • Minimum to cash out: no minimum
  • Options: online surveys, in-store surveys and photos, at-home shifts also available.

2. Rewardable 

All you need to do to use Rewardable is to download the free app of your choice and use the GPS system on your device to locate tasks. Then you can complete the tasks of your choice to earn cash. The Wall Street Journal, CNET ("one of the top 5 apps that can earn you cold hard cash"), and others have reviewed Rewardable favorably. Most jobs (called "micro tasks") take between five and 15 minutes, and payment can vary from a few cents to $20 or more per task.

What you need to know about using Rewardable:

  • Payment via: PayPal
  • Minimum to cash out: not stated
  • Options: users can earn cash, get discounts, receive special offers, bonus coupons, and more.

3. CheckPoints

The New York Times, CNN, Good Housekeeping, Forbes, the Today Show, and others have given CheckPoints two thumbs up. The app is billed as "the app that pays you back," and it hasn't disappointed its estimated 3.5 million users, who have won more than $5 million in prizes. You can also follow CheckPoints on Facebook for the chance to earn additional points and prizes.

What you need to know about using CheckPoints:

  • Payment via: Points converted to gift cards, games, gadgets, and other merchandise
  • Minimum to cash out: Sufficient points to redeem for the prize you want
  • Options: Watch videos, take quizzes, scan products (the app includes a barcode scanner), refer friends to the app, check in at local stores, shop online, complete offer forms, follow on Facebook, and more.

4. Icon Zoomer

The concept behind Icon Zoomer is simple—manufacturers are using the app to help spot trends before they become big. Users snap photos as described in assignments, add comments (if desired), then send the pictures in to receive credits. Each photo earns 25 Euros (this is a UK-based app that can be used internationally) that is paid out via PayPal.

What you need to know about using Icon Zoomer:

  • Payment via: PayPal, free merchandise, or you can donate to Unicef
  • Minimum to cash out: not stated
  • Options: Earn for photos as simple as a snapshot of your shoes, your lunch, or your favorite beverage.

5. Mobee

Mobee is an app that pays you to become a mystery shopper at local stores. You can earn $1 for every 100 points you earn. The app uses your phone's GPS to verify you’re in-store, and takes 24 hours to verify completion of the task before you can get paid (or redeem prizes).

What you need to know about using Mobee:

  • Payment via: Cash (payout method not stated), prizes, or merchandise
  • Minimum to cash out: not stated
  • Options: You will answer 5-10 questions on a specific topic for each assignment, which may include visiting shops, restaurants, and other retailers. The more points you earn, the more options you will have to earn.

6. iSecret Shop

iSecret Shop is one of just a handful of apps taking mystery shopping into the mobile zone. You can select local assignments to visit restaurants, retailers, and businesses. You will evaluate them as directed, earning cash and prizes for doing so. The app makes it easy to record necessary details without detection since it’s all done through your phone.

What you need to know about using iSecret Shop:

  • Payment via: Cash (payout method not stated), free meals, merchandise
  • Minimum to cash out: not stated
  • Options: As you work more, you can earn privileges like being able to accept several shop assignments at a time.
Complete Tasks and Earn Cash with These 6 Apps