Whether your family is on mandatory coronavirus quarantine or practicing responsible social distancing from home, it’s safe to say we’re all going to be spending a lot more time at home over the next several weeks.

The good news is that there’s a way to get just about everything you need right from home. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide of coronavirus quarantine tips that will show you how to get everything from your favorite food and shows to educational and entertainment resources for the family.


In-home delivery during your coronavirus quarantine

Food Delivery

Restaurants are being restricted across the map, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite local cuisine. Free apps are available for a variety of local food delivery services, and most of them are offering incentives.

Right now, UberEats is waiving all fees for food delivery from independent restaurants. There’s no promo code required — just download the app and look for the “Eat Local” banner to browse independent restaurants.

Here are some more popular companies that are operating through coronavirus:

  • GrubHub+: 14-day free trial with free delivery and 10% cash back
  • Postmates: Offers no-contact delivery from restaurants and grocery stores
  • DoorDash: Offers no-contact delivery and free delivery from select restaurants
  • Seamless: Deferring fees for independent restaurants and contact-free delivery

Meal Kits

Chances are also good that stores in your area may be low on stock or modifying their hours. So, if you’re looking for a simple way to supplement your grocery shopping, meal kit services are a no-brainer. These boxes come with all the necessary ingredients to cook a healthy meal for the whole family, as well as thoughtful recipes that can spice up your go-to menu.

Not sure how to choose the best service for you? No problem — here are some of our top picks that are offer deals for new members:

  • HelloFresh: $87.99 off over four boxes, as low as $3.99 per meal
  • Blue Apron: $20 off your first four boxes, $6.66 per meal
  • Marley Spoon: $20 off your first box, $7.16 per meal
  • Every Plate: 50% off your first box, $2.50 per meal
  • Home Chef: $80 off your first two boxes, $9.95 per meal
  • Splendid Spoon: $10 off your first box, as low as $8.33 per meal

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How to survive coronavirus quarantine with kids

At-home kids’ activities

Kids will be spending a lot more time at home, so it’s a great time to utilize resources for at-home activities. There’s a wealth of free information online that teaches you and your little ones how to do exciting science projects, DIY arts and crafts, and more.

If you’re looking to treat them to something out of the box, here are some of our favorite coronavirus quarantine tips for kid-approved deals:

  • KidStir: Free kids’ cooking kit for $4 shipped
  • KiwiCo: 30% off your first box with STEAM activities for kids of all ages
  • Amazon Freetime Unlimited: First month free unlimited access to kid-friendly books, movies, and more
  • I Can Read!: Two free books for $1 shipped

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Kids’ education

School closures don’t have to stop your child’s development. There are tons of free educational resources for kids during quarantine, so it’s easier than ever to dedicate time each day to fun and engaging lessons.

Experts recommend that your child stays on a regular school schedule even while at home. If you’re wondering how best to break up the day and make time for everything from reading and math to chores and free time, check out this daily schedule and make any adjustments for your child’s specific needs.

If you’re looking for access to quality online learning programs, you’re in luck. ABCmouse is currently offering free memberships to everyone affected by coronavirus — just use code SCHOOL771 to get access to thousands of online educational games and activities.

The best part? ABCmouse runs three separate services that support children of all ages, and each of them is included in this offer:



At-home entertainment

While you might not be able to hit your favorite restaurants or bars, there’s more time than ever to catch up on your list of shows to watch and books to read. Here are a few coronavirus quarantine tips on how to bring the best in-home entertainment right to your living room.

TV streaming services will probably have the best variety of content for the entire family. If you’re thinking about adding more subscriptions to your bill, look out for bundle deals that will save you a percentage. We recommend bundling Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN. You’ll pay just $12.99 per month for all three — 25% less than you’d pay for subscribing separately.

Looking for a way to get cheap live TV? Sign up for a week-long free trial of CBS All Access and get live streaming, plus access to more than 12,000 episodes of daytime, primetime and late-night CBS shows. You can also score 7 free days of Sling TV, which doesn’t require a credit card and has over 45 live channels.

For the avid readers in your house, the overall best alternative to the bookstore is Kindle Unlimited. Sign up for two free months (regularly $9.99 per month) of unlimited access to over one million novels, magazines, and audiobooks. Don’t worry — you don’t need a Kindle device to get Kindle Unlimited. It works with the Kindle app on any smart device.

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Coronavirus quarantine tips for at-home exercise

Being active through quarantine is an essential part of staying healthy. There are plenty of low-cost home alternatives to the gym, so we’ve rounded up a few ideas for every workout style.

If you prefer following along to classes, we recommend Aaptiv — an audio fitness app with unlimited access to over 2,500 guided workouts and more than 40 new classes every week. Right now, new members can get a 30-day free fitness trial when they sign up, normally $15 per month. Groupon also has a free 60-day trial of Daily Burn’s premium membership, normally $26.95 per month.

For the yogis out there, Alo Yoga is currently offering two free weeks of their Alo Moves app. You’ll have access to thousands of instructional videos from your desktop, phone or tablet. This service normally costs $20 per month.

You can also check for sales on home gym equipment. Amazon recently offered machines by Schwinn and Nautilus for 30% off, so we expect to see similar offers in the near future. Keep an eye on the KCL Amazon page for any current sales.

Finally, if you already belong to a gym, check and see if they are offering streaming versions of their regular classes.

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At-home moneymaking jobs

As self-quarantine continues to affect working conditions across the globe, you may be looking for ways to earn an income from home. Luckily, there are plenty of online companies looking for help; here are a couple of our suggestions.

VIPKID is a perfect fit for anyone who works with kids. They’re one of the leading platforms for online English teaching in China, and are always open to hiring certified teachers, childcare providers, tutors, and more. They also pay up to $22/hour, and all you need is functioning internet, a computer, and webcam.

You can also get paid to take online surveys for a slew of reputable companies. This is one of our favorite ways to earn extra income on top of a full-time job, which might be a perfect solution for those trying to live on temporarily limited income.

Here are some of the best survey sites for earning:

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