On March 30, the IRS stated that coronavirus stimulus checks would be mailed out to Americans within the next three weeks. That means that starting next week — the week of April 13 — some individuals could start receiving deposits into their bank accounts. But what about those who didn’t set up direct deposit when they filed taxes and now have to wait for a paper stimulus check that’ll come via snail mail?

Here’s a little trick to get a heads-up on when your paper stimulus check is in the mail:


How will I know when my stimulus check is in the mail?

USPS has your back on this one, guys.

There’s a 100% free service called Informed Delivery that will digitally preview your mail and manage packages scheduled to arrive at your home. Every piece of mail is scanned into USPS’s system, so when you sign up for Informed Delivery, those greyscale images will be accessible to you on the Informed Delivery dashboard, app, or via email.

Look for an image of an IRS or United States Treasury envelope in the coming weeks, then plan to check your mailbox daily for your coronavirus stimulus check arrival.

Set up free USPS Informed Delivery.

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You can also hold mail and provide delivery instructions with free USPS Informed Delivery.

If for some reason you aren’t able to collect your mail, you can let USPS know to hold on delivery or give specific instructions to meet your needs for paper mail and package deliveries. If you live in an apartment or have a shared mailbox, this feature can be super helpful and give you at least some peace of mind.

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Free Alert When Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check Is in the Mail