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Get a Fresh Turkey From Costco for $0.99 a Pound This Holiday Season

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Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and yet another retailer is resisting the temptation of inflation on prices. Similar to Aldi and Walmart offering pre-inflation prices on this year’s Thanksgiving staples, Costco is offering fresh Butterball turkeys right now at last year’s prices of $0.99 a pound. Here’s everything we know about Costco’s turkey price for 2022 so you can prep for Thanksgiving dinner and well, stay under budget.

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Get a Fresh Turkey at Costco for $0.99 per Pound

Whole Fresh Butterball turkeys in the refrigerated meat section of Costco with a sign showing them to be 99 cents per pound

Unlike other stores selling frozen turkeys for Thanksgiving 2022, Costco has Fresh Whole Butterball Tom Turkeys for $0.99 per pound.

Most turkeys will be between 12 and 24 pounds. If you aren’t sure what size turkey to get, Butterball actually offers a guide on the packaging and on their website: A 12- to 18-pound turkey will serve six to 12 people, an 18- to 22-pound turkey serves 12 to 15, a 22- to 24-pound turkey serves 15 to 16, and a 24- to 30-pound turkey will serve 16 to 18 people. If you and your guests love leftovers (hello!), you’ll want to factor that into your turkey size as well and may want to opt for a bit of a bigger bird.

So what will the $0.99 per pound price cost you for your Costco turkey size? We did the math:

10-lb turkey: $9.90
11-lb turkey: $10.89
12-lb turkey: $11.88
13-lb turkey: $12.87
14-lb turkey: $13.86
15-lb turkey: $14.85
16-lb turkey: $15.84
17-lb turkey: $16.83
18-lb turkey: $17.82
19-lb turkey: $18.81
20-lb turkey: $19.80
21-lb turkey: $20.79
22-lb turkey: $21.78
23-lb turkey: $22.77
24-lb turkey: $23.76
25-lb turkey: $24.75

However, it’s important to note that the price of an organic turkey at Costco and their smoked turkey has increased for 2022. The organic turkey for 2022 is $3.49 per pound — an increase from $2.99 in 2021. The Costco smoked turkey is now $3.29 per pound — an increase from $4.49 in 2021. So that’s a bummer.

TIP: Not a Costco member? Check out how you can shop Costco without a membership.



What You Need to Know Before Buying a Fresh Turkey From Costco

Whole Fresh Butterball turkeys in the refrigerated meat section of Costco with a sign showing them to be 99 cents per pound and another sign that reads, "Please Note, Limit 5 Total, Butterball fresh tom and hen turkeys

Before you run out to your local Costco, there are a few things you should know about buying a fresh turkey instead of a frozen one.

There’s a limit of five turkeys per customer, and you can find them in the refrigerated meat section of your local Costco store.

If you plan on grabbing a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving this year, you’ll want to time your purchase properly. Fresh turkeys are best if cooked within one to two days of refrigeration, which means you’ll likely want to grab yours from Costco on Tuesday, Nov. 22 or Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2022 — because Costco is closed on Thanksgiving Day.

Once cooked, you can freeze turkey leftovers for up to three months. Before you throw any of your other Thanksgiving leftovers, check out at all the foods you can freeze — you’d be surprised.

If you don’t want to shell out money for a turkey this year, we’ve got you covered. Find out where to get free turkeys this year.

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