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The $5 Subway Footlong Cookie Is Here to Stay — But Is It a Good Deal?

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With the announcement of the Subway Footlong Cookie coming to Subway menus nationwide — this time for good — on Jan. 18, we wanted to look into whether or not it was worth the $5 price tag. But then we started thinking (as we do) about other cookie prices. Costco just introduced a whopping chocolate chunk cookie to their food court menu for $2.49, and Crumbl Cookie rarely any has deals. So really, who has the cheapest cookie price?

We took a look at Subway, Costco, Crumbl, Insomnia, and Mrs. Fields cookie prices to see who competes for the best cookie price per ounce. No surprise here, Costco was the winner with the lowest price per ounce. The $5 Footlong cookie is one of the better Subway deals we've seen, coming in second. But, you can do even better by buying a 6-pack of their regular cookies, TBH. The 6-pack is $4.19, working out to just $0.44 per ounce, which beats Costco!

Here's our breakdown to get you the cheapest, ooey-gooey, chocolate chip cookie without having to turn on your own oven.

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Subway's Footlong Cookie costs $5 and comes in at $0.50 per ounce. However, the 6-pack is actually a better deal.

a footlong cookie from Subway

Subway's new Footlong Cookie weighs 10 ounces (yes, we weighed it!) and costs $5 at most locations. That works out to $0.50 per ounce. These 12-inch cookies were tested at four Subway locations late in 2023, and performed so well that they rolled out onto nationwide menus as of today, Jan. 18, 2024.

Let's compare the Footlong Cookie to a regular Subway cookie, which weighs about 1.59 ounces. At a price of $0.89 (the price at a Subway outside of Pittsburgh), you're paying $0.56 per ounce. So the Footlong Cookie is a better deal than buying a regular cookie. And you could make this deal even sweeter by using your Subway Rewards points.

Grab a 6-pack of regular Subway cookies for $4.19 — just $0.44 per ounce.

If you buy a 6-pack of the regular Subway cookies at the price of $4.19, you're getting 9.5 ounces (just a half ounce less than the Footlong) for $0.44 per ounce. That's even less than Costco per ounce.

While the Footlong Cookie is definitely a picture-worthy purchase, you'd get a better deal per ounce by buying the 6-pack of chocolate chip cookies.

And if you want more Subway side options, along with the Footlong Cookie, you can also try their new Cinnabon Footlong Churro for $2 (a great option for any disappointed Costco churro lovers!) or the Auntie Anne's Footlong Pretzel for $3.

Costco's new Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies cost $2.49 per cookie or $0.45 per ounce for members.


Costco recently announced that they'd be replacing their beloved churro on the food court menu with a brand new cookie. Well, the cookie arrived yesterday, Jan. 17, and we bought one. These new, all-butter, Costco Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies ring in at $2.49 a pop when you order at the Costco food court. This 5.5-ounce cookie is a pretty hefty dessert, which is what makes it such a good deal.

The price works out to $0.45 per ounce and, not surprisingly, it's the cheapest single cookie per ounce on our list.

Can you eat at the Costco food court if you're not a Costco member? Unfortunately not. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly cookie, Subway might be you're best option.

Crumbl (non-specialty) Chocolate Chip Cookies are $3.99 each, coming in at $0.73 per ounce. But the $15.99 six-pack works out to $$0.48 per ounce.


Crumbl cookies are known for their unique and ever-changing flavors. But to get the best deal (and a fair comparison in this article!) let's look at the lower-priced, classic Chocolate Chip cookies. You'll get one for $3.99, which works out to $0.73 per ounce. They are pretty big at the same 5.5 ounces as Costco, but the price tag makes them higher per ounce.

Specialty cookies run $4.49 per cookie. Get 'em in a 6-pack for $0.58 per ounce, or $18.99 per box.

Buy a Chocolate Chip 6-pack to get them for $0.48 per ounce.

For a better price, choose a Chocolate Chip 6-pack for $15.99, working out to $0.48 per ounce.

Insomnia Cookies delivers warm cookies for $2.95 each or $1.48 per ounce. Grab 6 cookies at $2.75 each or $1.38 per ounce.


Insomnia Cookies primarily caters to college students. You'll get warm cookies delivered to your door, or you can stop in and purchase or pickup an order. But at $2.95 per cookie, they are pricey. You'll pay $1.48 per ounce for a single cookie, which is one of the highest on our list.

Save $0.10 per ounce with a 6-pack at Insomnia Cookies.

You can save a bit by buying a 6-pack at Insomnia Cookies. Rather than the $2.95 price, you'll pay $16.50 for a half dozen cookies, working out to $2.75 per cookie or $1.38 per ounce.

Mrs. Fields rings in at $2.99 per cookie — a whopping $1.77 per ounce in-store. Shop online and get six of them for $25.99 or $0.79 per ounce.

mrs. fields deluxe chocolate chip cookies sampler box

In store, Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies are $2.99 apiece. At around 1.69 ounces, that's $1.77 per ounce. That's the price you'll pay on a single cookie, a 6-pack or even a 12-pack of their cookies in-store.

The easiest way to save on Mrs. Fields is to buy online with a discount or promo code.

That being said, Mrs. Fields often has cookie coupons when you order online. Right now, for example, you can get 40% off select gift boxes. If you order the half dozen Mega Cookies Grand Assortment Box, you'll pay $25.99 for six 5.5-ounce cookies (reg. $39.99), working out to $0.79 per ounce after discount.

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