Our kids are too often the last people we think of when it comes to earning cash. It's easy to expect a 17- or 18-year-old to go out and get a part time job. It's hard to think about your younger ones earning cash and making a significant contribution to the family finances.  If you don't change your mind, you could miss out on an invaluable opportunity to teach your kids leadership and entrepreneurial skills. And yes, they'll also miss out on earning extra cash that they can use for their savings and some of their own expenses. Here are some ways your kids can earn cash from home:

Sell Items on Craigslist

Teach your kids who are able to list items on Craigslist.org year round. It's a great way to hone writing and multi-media skills, and to practice following written instructions. Have them take pictures of the items for sale and upload them into the ads. You'll teach them Internet skills and they'll be motivated by each sale. You should keep everything in your own account, including the email address associated with Craigslist, so that you can preview emails from buyers for safety reasons. Also, be sure to be home when a potential buyer comes to look at their item.

Edit and Upload YouTube Videos

Many business owners want to create videos in order to connect with web visitors. The videos are not complicated to create and often just feature the business owner looking into the camera and talking for 2 to 3 minutes. If your child is a techy, then there's an opportunity for him to earn extra cash. Most PCs have Windows Movie Maker already installed, and there are plenty of free video tutorials on the Internet that can teach him how to edit movies. For example, a business owner can record herself speaking for 6 minutes and ask your child to edit it down to 2 or 3 minutes. Uploading the videos to YouTube is easy, but entrepreneurs are too busy to do it themselves sometimes. Not only is this gig a great resume builder, but it's also a nice way to make money on the side.

Resell Clothing and Accessories

Selling baby items is not the only way to get upfront cash for clothing that your babies outgrow. The same opportunity exists for older kids and teens. For example, Plato's Closet is a national franchise that buys and resells gently used clothing by famous brands. Your teen can get rid of some of their clothing for extra cash year round. The way it works is a buyer will examine the clothes and make an offer. The amount is based on the brand as well as the condition of the clothing. Your kid will get to earn cash but will also get a better understanding of the value of items, and hopefully an appreciation for how much things cost and are worth.

Tutor Other Kids

If you want your child to master a subject, have her tutor other kids. Add the icing on top by having her do it for pay. The great thing about tutoring is that you can do it all online and by phone. It's important to have that option if you're concerned about safety or other issues concerning your child. Your kid can tutor using Skype, which has telephone and screen sharing capabilities. As more money rolls in, you might consider paying to use gotomeeting.com or instantteleseminar.com for even more functionality. Whether it's computer, math or writing skills, your kid could make the difference in another chlid's life by equipping them with needed skills while making money.

Make a list of the skills your children possess. Think about their personality types, and then try to match those to one or more of these ways to earn cash. You'll be surprised at what they can accomplish and the non-monetary benefits that will result.

Creative Ways for Kids to Make Money