The meteoric rise of the daily deal site Groupon since 2010 fueled the rise of other daily deal and flash sites. The industry is massive. In fact, "daily deals" ranks among the most commonly searched terms on the Internet. The industry is expected to surpass $7 billion in sales by 2015.

There are over a thousand daily deal sites. The market is saturated, and many consumers feel overwhelmed. If you have signed up for more than a handful, you’re familiar with the barrage of emails. Combat flash sale fatigue and rein in your email account with a daily deal aggregator website.

All-Purpose Daily Deal Aggregator Site

Yipit: One of the most popular daily deal aggregator sites. Yipit draws from Groupon, LivingSocial, and 300-plus similar sites to aggregate and recommend deals in multiple cities across the United States. Yipit is currently available in about 75 cities in the US and Canada. Also check out Yipit Nation. Sign up  here.

  • From the drop-down box, select your city. Click "Get Started – It's free!"
  • Enter your email address in the designated box and click "Get Started."
  • Specify the type of deals you are interested in.
  • Enter your address so Yipit can find local deals.
  • Yipit will send you one daily email aggregating local deals based on your interests.

Niche Daily Deal Aggregator Sites

BiteHunterA niche daily deal aggregator site that uses a real-time location based on an iPhone mobile app. The app sets your location automatically and presents you with offers. Search results are displayed in a convenient map format. The site offers a one-click payment option, restaurant contact information, and reviews. Click here to check it out.

EveryLodge: A niche daily deal aggregator site that helps you find deals of up to 80% off hotels and resorts around the world. The site aggregates information about "private" and "members only" flash sales and daily deals to save you time and money. Click here.

Social Media Based Daily Deal Aggregator Sites

Twitzie: An aggregator site just for deals posted on Twitter. Simply enter a brand name in the search box to look for deals. Also search by sale type or percentage off. Click here to check it out.

Link, Like, Love: American Express cardholders should check out the company’s “Link, Like, Love” Facebook application. It offers cardholders specials deals tailored to their own social media presence.  Click here to launch the app on your Facebook account.

Daily Deals: Use Aggregator Sites to Manage Deals and Flash Sales