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I’m Italian, German, and Lebanese. My dog, though…who knows? Since our furry friends can’t exactly tell us about their ancestry, pet owners find value in having their canine companions undergo testing with dog DNA kits. Beyond verifying whether they’re a valued purebred or an interesting mixed breed, a dog’s genetics and ancestry can influence its physical and personality traits, predict adult weight, and even susceptibility to certain illnesses.

Understanding your dog’s genetic breakdown can help you take care of your canine pal better. The more you know, the more you can tailor their lifestyle to their biological needs.

Of course, you also want great value when looking for a DNA kit for your pup. That means a test that’s cost-effective and delivers on results. I’m going to walk you through a few of these so you can decide which works best for your pet. But, for more money-saving deals on everything you need for day-to-day, download the KCL app.

What are the different types of dog DNA test kits?

Pet parents are serious about their fur babies, so there are a ton of different DNA test kits out there specifically made for animals. Some of our favorites include:

  • The Best Premium Dog DNA Test: Embark Breed & Health Kit
  • Best Value: DNA My Dog Breed Kit, Orivet Dog DNA Test
  • Best For Mixed Breeds: Wisdom Panel Premium
  • Amazon’s Top Rated: Embark Breed Identification Kit, Embark Breed & Health Kit, Wisdom Panel Essential, Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery


Best Premium Dog DNA Test

A dog laying down next to a Embark Breed & Health Kit on a blue background

If you want to see what exactly your pooch’s lineage looks like and you’re willing to spend a little more, here’s a great place to start.

Embark Breed & Health Kit

Embark’s Breed + Health DNA Test provides in-depth insights into the pet’s breed breakdown, ancestry, breed traits, and projected adult weight. The test can potentially trace back to the dog’s great-grandparents, and help identify potential health risks. The dog DNA test results are viewable on an intuitive online dashboard via the Embark website and downloadable into a report.

At the time of this writing, the Embark Breed + Health DNA Test costs $199, which is quite a hefty price tag (although they currently have a discount code). But, on top of the comprehensive and accurate results, Embark sets itself apart from competitors with its customer service. The results are typically released within two to four weeks, with regular progress and status updates from the brand. They offer support from genetic specialists, who may contact pet owners to discuss any concerning findings. DNA test results may also be sent directly to the customers’ preferred vet.

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Best Budget-Friendly Dog DNA Kits

An Orivet Geno Dog Breed Identification DNA Test on a white background

Want something that won’t break the bank? These two are for you.

DNA My Dog Breed Kit

When you want your canine’s DNA test results quickly and without burning a hole in your wallet, DNA My Dog Breed Kit is a great option. Costing $69 at the time of writing — with free shipping! — this canine DNA test provides results in just two weeks.

This is a cheek-swab DNA test. It dives into your dog’s breed percentage, personality traits, potential genetic health concerns and predisposition to diseases, and exercise levels. You’ll receive a personalized, one-of-a-kind certificate featuring your dog’s photo and DNA breakdown verification. For owners who want to proudly show the breed and heritage of their pet companion, this is a perk.

Orivet Geno Dog Breed Identification DNA Test

Priced at $95 at the time of writing (on sale from $135, with free shipping), the Orivet Geno Pet Dog Breed Identification DNA Test is a great option. It screens your dog’s DNA against more than 350 canine breeds and varieties. To test, you’ll have to swab the inside of your dog’s cheeks and allow the swab samples to dry. Don’t worry, not a long process! It takes a mere 15 minutes to complete.

The results of this DNA test are released in two to three weeks. When ready, they are digitally viewable via your online account. Prepare to learn your canine’s breed makeup and details, potential health risks based on the breed, customized health and lifestyle recommendations, and more.

While it costs more than the DNA My Dog Breed Kit, Orivet’s package includes the LifePlan. The program is a personalized lifestyle plan geared towards the overall health and well-being of your dog based on their age, gender, weight, location, lifestyle, and breeds discovered. This added value might appeal to pet owners who want to use dog DNA test results to improve their quality of care.

It’s worth noting that Orivet’s website states a “100% satisfaction guarantee,” promising a “no-hassle warranty.”

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Best Dog DNA Test for Mixed Breeds

A Wisdom Panel Premium Dog DNA Test kit on a white background

Do you suspect that your dog is a beautiful blend of multiple breeds? Keep reading.

Wisdom Panel Premium Dog DNA Test

For dog owners with mixed breed canines or even those whose breed/s are a mystery, Wisdom Panel™ Premium has received rave reviews. At the time of writing, it’s rated 4.5 stars from over 1,600+ reviews on its website and costs $160 with free shipping (currently on sale for $128).

The dog DNA test results are available after three weeks and released to the pup owner via email. They include information on the dog’s genetic background and relatives, information on the mix of breeds, and predicted weight range. Wisdom Panel™ Premium is a great choice for mixed-breed dogs as it tests the DNA against over 350 canine breeds. These include coyote and wolf, over 210 genetic issues, and more than 35 physical traits. That’s what we call thorough.

According to their website, the brand claims to have the most accurate breed detection with 1% breed reporting precision and no undetermined ancestry. They also offer veterinary support in case the test results show health concerns.




Best Amazon Dog DNA Kits

An Embark dog DNA test kit and a Wisdom dog DNA test kit on a white background.

At the time of writing, two dog DNA test brands dominated the top four spots of Amazon’s Best Sellers in Dog DNA Tests category: Embark and Wisdom Panel.

Embark Breed Identification Kit and Embark Breed & Health Kit

Embark Breed Identification Kit, which only checks the dog’s DNA for breed types, averages 4.5 stars from more than 14,000 reviews on Amazon, costing $109 on the platform. On the other hand, the Embark Breed & Health Kit (which is also listed in this article as the best premium dog DNA test) has 4.5 stars from over 14,400 reviews on Amazon, priced at a discounted rate of $159 on the platform.

Wisdom Panel Essential and Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery DNA Test

Wisdom Panel Essential, a dog DNA test that focuses on delivering insights on breed, health, and traits, has 4.5 stars from over 12,500 reviews on Amazon. It’s priced at $80. Meanwhile, Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery delivers information on ancestry, relatives, and drug sensitivity. It averages 4.5 stars from more than 18,700 reviews on the platform.

6 Best Dog DNA Kits To Discover Your Pet's Ancestry