No time to coupon?

No problem.

We know how busy life gets, so we have eight other ways you can save on groceries without clipping a single coupon:


1. Use Ibotta and get $35/month cash back on products you already buy.

By no means did I use Ibotta as much as I could have, but in one month I cashed out with over $35 on groceries I already buy!

Ibotta recently came out with a new version of their app, and it makes finding rebates so much easier. Plus, there are more offers available than you’ll find on For real.

TIP: Ibotta offers rebates for beer and wine so I can save an extra $3 on my favorite wine.


2. Plan your meals around a store’s weekly ad to save $99/month.

Download your favorite store apps or check their weekly flyer to see what sales and promotions are running. Increase your savings by using price matching programs to take advantage of other stores’ sales.

For example, I compared the following items at Fred Meyer:

Sabra Hummus Savings: $2.50

  • Regular price: $4.99
  • Sale price: $2.49

Galbani String Cheese Savings: $1.80

  • Regular price: $4.79
  • Sale price: $2.99

Mini Peeled Carrots Savings: $0.89

  • Regular price: $1.89
  • Sale price: $1.00

Country Oven Bread Savings: $1.60

  • Regular price: $2.59
  • Sale price: $0.99

Boneless Chicken Breast Savings: $0.62 per lb.

  • Regular price: $2.39 per lb.
  • Sale price: $1.77 per lb.

And this is me NOT telling you that you could save even more on these items if you had a coupon to use during a store sale. Since this is an article about how to save without using coupons, I won’t mention that. *cough cough*



3. Save $5/month by getting rid of your Costco membership.

You don’t need a Costco membership to shop there.

Buy a gift card for the amount you want to spend, and you can shop at any Costco without a membership.


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4. Price match the best deals at Walmart with Savings Catcher and save $18/month.

Savings Catcher lives inside the Walmart app and compares prices of items you bought at Walmart with the advertised prices found in print and online versions of the weekly ads of other major retailers in your area.

If Savings Catcher finds an item cheaper, they refund you the difference with a Walmart e-gift card.


5. Save an average of $100/month by shopping generics.

Typically, you can save up to 20% buying certain store-brand products.

Definitely buy the generic brand for products such as flour, sugar, cooking oil, butter, canned produce and frozen produce.



6. Skip the meat and save $20/month.

Ever heard of Meatless Mondays? By cutting out meat just one time a week, you can save well over $200 per year!


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