*Edit* We are hearing mixed reviews about this one.  The research I did said this was a pretty descent company and some people liked it, but others are saying it isn’t so great.  I don’t think they are a “scam”, but they may not be one of the better companies to try.*

Here is another great way to earn some extra cash.  This survey company, DollarSurveys, is unique in that you control how many surveys you do and how often. You will get paid $1.00 per survey via PayPal!  Participation in their various research projects is a straightforward and simple process. You are not required to complete any lengthy registration forms, there are no minimum payments, and they assure all participants in the process that there are no hidden terms and conditions.

To sign up you just need to enter your PayPal-enabled email address, and they will send you a survey directly to your inbox. Once you qualify for the survey you will be able to complete it, and for every survey that you complete, DollarSurveys will send $1.00 to your PayPal account.  Go ahead and give it a try and let us know what you think!  This is a great way to get that holiday gift fund up and running!

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