I always get excited when I learn about a new survey site! Opinion and survey sites are a great way to make extra cash each month just by spending a few minutes at my computer. Are you looking for some new survey sites to join? Toluna is a survey site that is now accepting new members! Think all survey sites are the same? Wrong. Toluna is different in the fact that not only can you participate in surveys, you can create your own as well. All for free!

Turn your spare time into survey taking time. Toluna will award you points for the surveys you complete. The points you earn can be converted into cash rewards or entries to their monthly $4,500 drawing! Plus, Toluna is regularly running sweepstakes with other great prizes up for grabs.

Here is how to become a FREE member of Toluna:

  • Head over to Toluna today.
  • Click on the “Register” button.
  • Fill out your contact information and a brief questionnaire.
  • Once you click “submit”, you are ready to start exploring the site and earning!

Surveys reward anywhere from $1.00-$20.00 for your participation. They can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 25 minutes to complete. You can participate in as many surveys as you are qualified for! You might even be asked to test products or receive various samples for feedback. (That is one of my favorite parts.)

For as much as my family tells me to zip my lip, it still makes me chuckle that people are willing to pay for my opinions! Head over to Toluna now and become a member, where you can not only take surveys but create your own as well!

Earn Cash and Monthly Prizes When You Voice Your Opinion at Toluna!