Facebook Marketplace offers shoppers more than just used couches or coffee tables. They also host an eCommerce portal called “Facebook Marketplace Deals.” If you’ve ever purchased an “authentic cashmere sweater” online for $3, only to receive a Barbie-sized tuft of acrylic fuzz that smells like gasoline, you might be wary of shopping with unknown eCommerce retailers. Facebook Marketplace Deals is like having a trusted guide through the eCommerce Wild West.

Facebook Marketplace Deals speaks the language, handles the currency, and protects you from getting stuck with a deal that really is too good to be true. Read on for our take on Facebook’s eCommerce Marketplace.


Get to Facebook Marketplace Deals through your app or online.

To navigate to Facebook Marketplace Deals, just visit Marketplace, then tap the search bar and click on deals. Jump to Facebook Marketplace Deals now!


Notice Facebook AI only gives you deals it thinks you want.

Your Facebook Marketplace doesn’t look like anyone else’s Facebook Marketplace because we all like, comment on, search for, or share different things. That’s why the Facebook AI might give you deals on rugs and porch swings while Brenda, your BFF, gets coffee makers and beds.


Price compare Facebook deals to other sellers.


While most prices you’ll find on Facebook Marketplace Deals will exactly match the price from the original vendors, there are special instances where Facebook offers the better price, for a limited time only. We found a Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker, 12 Cup Carafe for $57.99 on Facebook Marketplace Deals. The same coffee maker is selling for $64.99 on the seller’s website, DailySteals.com. Facebook Marketplace offers the $7 savings on the coffee maker for about a month, and then the deal is gone.


Use Facebook Marketplace Deals to try out new sellers.

Facebook has managed to bring every type of seller, from huge eCommerce brands to small mom-and-pop sellers into one vetted, secure, organized Marketplace. That means you get recognizable, big name eCommerce sites like Overstock.com and Dot & Bo lumped together with newcomers or lesser-known sites you haven’t yet established trust with.

Facebook Marketplace allows cautious shoppers to take advantage of some pretty insane deals they might normally take a hard pass on if they don’t know the seller, like this refurbished Apple MacBook Air for only $399 (more on why below).

This seller’s direct site has no contact number, email or address — only a form that shoppers fill in. The shopping cart accepts Paypal, a secure payment system, but credit card shoppers might be put off, as it doesn’t appear that the cart is protected by Verisign or any other data encryption software.


Buy new products in Marketplace without leaving Facebook.

In this age of internet hacks, smart shoppers only purchase from trusted sellers with some sort of data security and SSL encryption. By shopping through Facebook Marketplace, you can confidently purchase that iPhone charging cable for $5 without having to give your credit card details to an eCommerce site you aren’t familiar with. Facebook handles the entire transaction on their site, meaning sellers never get your digits or even your IP address. But, you do, of course, have to input a shipping address.


Get help through Facebook with returns.

Asking some sellers for a return authorization takes extreme patience. Especially when you get flat-out denied for no apparent reason. When you purchase through Facebook Marketplace and your item arrives damaged, or doesn’t arrive at all, ask the seller for a return through the Purchase History on your profile. Having Facebook backing up your return is awesome, especially since they will either contact that seller directly on your behalf, or refund your money and shipping themselves (more on that below).


Use Purchase Protection for your too-good-to-be-true deals.

Some eCommerce websites are impossible to contact.

That’s where Facebook Purchase Protection comes in. If you purchase an item through their Marketplace and complete the transaction on their site (in other words, do NOT go directly through the seller) and that seller won’t answer your emails for a return, Purchase Protection will refund your purchase within 45 days if:

  • You never get the item.
  • It’s the wrong item.
  • It’s damaged.
  • It’s missing parts.
  • The seller doesn’t follow their own return policy.
  • It breaks.


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Facebook Marketplace Deals Offers Secure eCommerce Shopping