Staying in shape is a priority for most moms. You have to chase energetic kids around the house, through the park and down the street.

But you don’t need to join a gym to keep your heart and lungs in kid-chasing condition.

With a small investment, a Krazy Coupon Lady can set up a great home workout area.

Here are some ideas:


Save on Time, Gas, Daycare

In addition to saving on gym fees and daycare, you’ll save on gas and time when avoiding trips to and from the gym. Over time, expect to save several hundred dollars.


Expect to spend a bit. With a little planning, though, it takes a minimal investment. Consider a rebounder (or trampoline), hand weights, resistance bands, an exercise ball and a mat.

With just these simple tools, you can perform a wide variety of fun exercises that can keep you fit and feeling great from head to toe. For example, you can walk and run on the rebounder, do bicep curls with the weights, tone your legs with the resistance bands, do abdominal moves on the exercise ball, and perform many floor exercises on your mat.

Map it Out

Before you decide exactly what equipment to purchase, measure out the space available in your home. Working out in the living room? Consider portable equipment that can hide in a closet. Basements can also make great spaces to work out.

If you don't have much space to devote to your workout area, no worries—you can opt for equipment such as hand weights and resistance bands that require a very small area.

Start Shopping

Now for the fun part. Being a savvy shopper will keep your costs low. Check out both online and local sources for the best prices. and online sporting goods sellers can be good bets.

Local sports stores, as well as places like Walmart and Target, can be great places to scope out home gym gear. Peruse your local site, second-hand stores and garage sales, if you're open to buying used sporting equipment. You might find a bargain-priced, like-new item there.

Want to purchase new? Consider a space saver that will really ramp up the old ticker, like this upright exercise bike. At it is $99. Have it shipped to your local store to avoid shipping costs. Need a more traditional recumbent version? Consider this one for $129.

Walmart also offers a lower-priced rebounder for $25. For about $20 you can pick up an exercise ball at Sports Authority. Resistance bands are about $15 at Target, and you can purchase a pair of 3-pound hand weights for about $15. For the dreaded abdominal workout, a Go-Fit yoga mat is about $17 at Target.

Total: $92 – $221

Compare the Costs

How do those costs stack up against paying gym membership fees every month? Gym membership costs vary from one gym to the next and from one geographical area to the other. Monthly memberships generally cost between $20 and $40 a month.

Many gyms charge extra fees, such as registration or initiation fees when you first join, so those additional costs should be figured in when comparing a gym membership to home gym costs. These costs vary widely and can be around $100 or more.

For a $25 per month gym membership with a $100 registration fee, over 6 months you would pay $250. Compared to your home gym cost of $92, that's a major cost savings. The savings become even more significant over time.

This has been a guest post by Judy from Fort Collins, CO
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Fit Finances: How to Set Up a Home Gym on a Shoestring