Arby’s wants to give you some free food — but they want you to earn it.

They recently unveiled the Arby’s Greek Gyro Games — undoubtedly a tie-in to the now-postponed 2020 Olympic Games — an 8-bit-style runner game where you make a digitized Arby’s employee run with a torch for 26.2 miles.

You ready to play? Here’s how you score a gyro.


Visit the Greek Gyro Games page — you’ll need a lot of time and two buttons to play.

It takes a while to get to the end of this game. You essentially have to keep your right arrow button pushed constantly, every now and then using your mouse to click away from obstacles, like random treadmills in the road.

The Gyro Games leaderboard shows that it took even the fastest runners more than an hour to complete the game.


Everyone who finishes the game gets a coupon for a free Arby’s gyro.

I gave up after about two minutes, but if you want the freebie, you’ve gotta run the entire 26.2-mile marathon.

We’ve read that some people get the free gyro even if they didn’t finish the race, but we saw no evidence of this ourselves. But fortunately, we found the coupon.



For everyone else, we found the free gyro coupon.

Arby’s has three varieties of gyro on the menu — Greek, Roast Beef, and Turkey — and all of them are about $5.40 at my local Arby’s. Prices may vary by location.

You can print out the free gyro coupon above or save it to your mobile device to get the freebie — just make sure you use it by Aug. 31.

Or you could always get one for free via DoorDash or Uber Eats (we tell you how).


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Get a Free Arby's Gyro Without Playing Their Ridiculously Long Video Game