Time to save on your next DIY project by getting all the free things you can get your hands on at The Home Depot. Home Depot workshops, material cutting, and much more is available completely free, if you know how to find it.

No more putting off that project! I’m gonna show you the best Home Depot freebies.

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1. Receive a $5 Home Depot coupon for joining the email list.

When you sign up for Home Depot emails, you’ll get how-tos, DIY articles, and the weekly ad, mostly. But most importantly, you’ll immediately get a $5 coupon in your inbox for your next in-store purchase of $50 or more. So if you do sign up, use a dummy email account (10MinuteMail.com) to get that coupon and avoid the spam in your personal email account.


2. The Home Depot paint shaking and re-tinting doesn’t cost you a dime.

Remember all those gallons of perfectly good Navajo White paint sitting in your garage untouched, left over from the all-white kitchen craze? Rather than running out and buying brand new cans to add a much-needed pop of color, load those cans up and bring them into Home Depot.

The paint department will add any color formula you want to those cans and mix them up for free! Boom! Turquoise blue cabinets, here I come.


3. While you’re at it, grab some paint swatches, stirrers, and paint can openers.

That’s not the only freebie you’ll get in The Home Depot paint department. If you ask an associate, they’ll provide you with as many paint can openers you need if they have them. You can grab stir sticks and swatches with reckless abandon and no judgement.


PRO TIP: Moving soon? You can occasionally score some free cardboard boxes from The Home Depot if you ask an associate.


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4. Livestream Home Depot workshops for free.

The Home Depot workshops are an online resource to help you with your projects around the home. And, most importantly, they’re free. There’s even a free Home Depot Kids Workshop. Once you’re done with the workshop, Home Depot will also send over a 15% off coupon for your next online order.


5. Ask for a free Home Depot Kids Workshop kit at checkout.

Ask an employee at checkout if there are any free Kids Workshop kits available. They’ll gladly give you one for each child in your household, even if the kids aren’t with you.


6. Take home some flooring and carpet samples.

Certain stores may be avoiding this due to the coronavirus, but The Home Depot gives away floor and carpet samples for free, which is a great way to do some really cool projects, like when I needed flooring for my kids’ playhouse. I glued carpet samples to an old rug pad and made a patchwork rug.

Or, if you really want the most out of your Home Depot freebie, I saw someone on Reddit making wooden flooring samples into DIY coasters.



7. The Home Depot will cut materials like glass, lumber, and rope for free.

You can get glass, rope, chains, wire shelving, lumber, and even window blinds cut to size for free. There’s a charge for over two cuts for any material.

These materials can vary from store to store, so contact your local Home Depot before you plan your trip.


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8. Take advantage of The Home Depot tool warranty.

Skip The Home Depot’s Protection Plan, because you can get a brand new replacement on a damaged tool for 180 days (extended from 90 due to the pandemic). They’ll replace the item within that time frame with a brand new one for free.

Note: While most items at Home Depot fall under the 180-day policy, gas-powered items only get 30 days for returns.


9. Recycle your rechargeable batteries.

The bins can be found near the front of the store by the return counter. Follow the instructions on the bin to properly recycle your rechargeable batteries. Any rechargeable battery, including lithium or cell phone batteries, that weighs up to 11 pounds can be recycled.


10. Red safety flags for your vehicle cost you absolutely nothing.

If you’re carrying home a large load, your materials might be sticking out of your truck bed, meaning you’ve gotta warn drivers behind you. Ask a Home Depot associate for red safety flags for your drive home to keep everyone safe.



11. Get Home Depot free shipping on online orders over $45.


As long as your online order is over $45, Home Depot free shipping with two-day delivery is yours.

This doesn’t apply to absolutely everything at The Home Depot, like certain appliances, gift cards, and anything with a shipping restriction on size and weight.


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