It’s Election Day! Everybody needs to get out there and get their voice heard today!

If you haven’t already voted and are having trouble getting to the polls, Uber wants to make sure you’re covered.

Here’s what they’re doing:


Get free Uber rides on Election Day to your nearest voting location.

Uber wants to pick you up and take you to your nearest polling location — which is conveniently listed on their app.

They’re working with some get-out-the-vote organizations to give out promo codes — enabling you to get a free ride to cast your ballot.

Even without this promo code, Uber is offering $10 off a single ride to the polls on the most affordable Uber options. All you have to do is enter the code VOTE2018 on the latest version of their app.


On Nov. 6, Lyft is offering free rides to underserved communities and half-off rides everywhere else.

Lyft, Uber’s competitor, is encouraging everyone to get out and vote by offering 50% off rides on Election Day.

Free rides will be available for certain communities underserved by public transit and other transportation options, as identified by a number of nonpartisan and nonprofit partners.

For any other day, check out how to save on Uber and Lyft rides here.



Keep an eye out for other ways to get to the polls for free.

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Lots of communities are offering other free or discounted ways to get to the polls like Lime — you can take their electric bikes and scooters for a free ride (30 minutes or less) to and from the polls with the code LIME2VOTE18.

Also, check out metro systems in your city and Motivate Citi bikes.


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Uber and Lyft Giving Free Rides on Election Day