Since we’re all pretty used to getting our favorite meals at home now, free Uber Eats offers are precious, rare commodities. We can get the best restaurant foods while not having to change out of our sweats.

All you have to do is download the Uber Eats app (iOS/Android) and follow these simple instructions to get free Uber Eats credits, which you can use at countless restaurants in your area.


For ‘targeted customers,’ promo code JUNEDEAL gets you an extra $20 off orders of $30 or more.

You can only use one promotional code at a time, so any additional codes will have to be used on other orders.

In the Uber Eats app, tap “Account” and “Promotions” to add the promo code JUNEDEAL.

That’ll be good for $20 off an order of $30 or more.

Note: Uber Eats is always cycling through monthly deals, so keep your eyes peeled. Some existing Uber Eats customers were given 50% off all orders of $20 or more in June.


Another promo code gives new Uber Eats customers another $7 off — but make sure you use it FIRST.

So, if you’ve never used Uber Eats before, and you’re thinking you’ll place a couple of orders before July 1, here’s what you do:

  1. Sign up for a free Uber Eats account.
  2. Put in the promo code EATS-JOANIED156UI in the Account/Promotions section in the app.
  3. Use the $7 off your first order credit.

Note: Since the $7 off is only good for your first Uber Eats delivery order, I’d use it first and wait until your next order to use the $20 off.



Sign up for the Uber Eats Pass to get free delivery for a month.

Uber Eats Pass is a $9.99/month subscription that waives all delivery fees for orders of at least $15 — plus, it discounts every order 5%.

Tip: Look out for various promotions for Eats Pass subscribers. Customers recently were given $30 off an order for being a new or existing subscriber.


You can’t escape taxes or service fees with these promos.

I placed an order for $31.76 worth of food at a local Mediterranean restaurant, and although last month’s $30 Eats Pass promo took $30 off the total, I still had to pay $1.91 in sales tax (which varies by state, of course) and Uber Eats’ 15% service fee (which is universal).

Delivery was free — because I had the Eats Pass — and after a 10% tip, I still ended up paying $10.73 out of pocket.

But still: Less than $11 for $40 worth of food — delivered? OH YES.


You might even have an unlimited 50% off promo waiting — so check your account.


Give friends your own promo code to get $20 off future orders.

In the Account section of the app, click the “Get $20 off your order” link. You’ll then find a special referral code that you can pass along to someone else. When they sign up, they get that $7 off, and you get an additional $20 off. Not a bad deal.


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How to Get Free Uber Eats Food — Plus Free Delivery