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101 Best Funny Usernames for Social Media, Account Nicknames, Gaming Sites, and More

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Not using your real name as your online username is one way to safeguard against internet identity theft. But trying to figure out what the heck you are going to call yourself instead can be more headache-inducing than a screaming pack of toddlers! Enter funny usernames to make you laugh.

Since we’re all about making your life easier here a KCL, we’ve put together a list of 101 funny usernames that are anything but basic. You can insert these usernames when you pay a utility bill, as a nickname for your online banking accounts, when you create a gaming profile, and on your social media pages.

Hopefully, you’ll find a username that fits your life’s mission!

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Funny Usernames for Savings Accounts

A woman grinning at her phone in one hand while holding a credit card in the other hand.

1. Fill.My.Belly

2. The-Sock-Drawer

3. I­_Don’t_Like_Banks

4. Mucho-Dinero

5. The_Bread_Box

6. Show.Me.The.Money

7. AllAboutTheBenjamins

8. Rolling-In-The-Dough

9. Money.Is.The.GOAT

10. Alpaca.Farm.Fund

11. TheFirstBorn

12. Kid2

13. GuiltFreeShoppingTrip

14. PrettyShinyThings

15. U-Cant-Touch-This

16. Disney.Dream.Fund

Funny Usernames for Bills

A couple sitting on a couch, smiling and holding bills with a laptop on the table next to them.

17. TheWheelsOnOurBus

18. Mama-Needs­-New-Wheels

19. MyTwoCents

20. Lolly-Pop-Funds

21. AllDaLootIsHere

22. Mr.Rich

23. Got-The-Moolah

24. ElectricAvenue

25. TheJackPot

26. TheBananaStand

27. Rock.Down.To.Electric.Avenue

Funny Usernames for Parents

A mom holding her baby and using a laptop on a desk.

28. MamaLlama

29. WonderMom

30. Chaos.Coordinator

31. My_Kids_Uber_Driver

32. IWasRichBeforeKids

33. Daddy-I-Want-That

34. Mom-er-iffic

35. DadCanFixit

36. IRunOnCaffeine

37. Mother.Hen

38. MomKnowsBest

39. Crazy-Train-Conductor

40. MyMoneyGoesToMyKids

41. BrokeAsADad

42. BoujeeMama

43. LikeYourDadButCooler

44. Mommarooney

45. OuchieFixerExtraordinaire

46. JuiceBoxDealer

47. KingOfDisFam

48. OperationOverlord

Funny Usernames for Frugal Folks

Two women lying on a bed, both of them looking at a phone and smiling.

49. CouponCutterForLife

50. ILoveLoot

51. SaveYerBucks

52. CollectingAllTheChips

53. GeltCollector

54. Hound–Dog

55. LotsaPasta

56. Mr.Wadsworth

57. Miss-Miser

58. Penny.Pincher

59. Frugal-Frank

60. TommyTheTightwad

61. I.Am.Stingy.Sam


63. CouponsAllDay

64. NotWithoutMyCoupons

65. Discount-Diva

66. DontGiveItAllAwayNow

67. OneMoreDollah

Funny Money-Related Usernames

A close-up of someone holding an iPhone displaying the Chase Bank online banking log in screen with the username typed in as "DeadPresidentsClub

68. SwearJarFund

69. VacationGottaGetaway

70. Road-Trippin

71. DeadPresidentsClub

72. CrayolaPayola

73. CashOutCollective

74. Big.Bucks

75. OodlesOfBoodles

Other Funny Usernames

A woman lying on her bed, smiling at something on her iPad.

76. Lives-On-Lattes

77. Bread.Pitt

78. ShaquilleOatmeal

79. JoeNotExotic

80. Ariana_Grandes_Ponytail

81. ThorsHammer

82. IStanKimK

83. HotMessExpress

84. google_was_my_idea

85. Totally-Clueless

86. RudeMuch

87. Hogwarts-Dropout

88. LittleMissPerfect

89. Make_Mine_A_Double

90. BillieEyelash

91. Caffeine.Queen

92. ChickMagnet

93. UnicornsAreReal

94. DontMessMyMani

95. I-Ate-Your-Cookies

96. Opray.Wind.Fury

97. RollingWithMyHomies

98. MyRealNameWasTaken

99. IAlwaysForgetMyPasscode

100. Dumbledore.For.President

101. 2OldForThis

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