Tired of paying big money for brand-name items? It’s time to check out some top generic products you can get dirt cheap on Amazon. While it’s true that perks like Prime Pantry, Subscribe & Save, and dollar-off coupons will help you save when you shop Amazon, sometimes your savings margin for choosing generic is still so wide, it’s hard to cough up the money for a brand-name.

This happens most often with refillable items. Like when you finally cave and buy a Sonicare toothbrush, only to realize you’re supposed to replace those spendy heads once every three months. Here are some of Amazon’s best generic products to buy:

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1. Save 81% when you buy generic toy building bricks instead of LEGO.

Granted, if you want a Ninjago, Star Wars or LEGO Friends set, this won’t help you. For that, you need to sign up to get KCL emails so you can get great prices when we post LEGO deals.

But if you’re buying some extra pieces to go along with a set so your child can get creative, this is the way to go.


2. Save 80% with Amazon’s generic toothbrush heads for your Sonicare toothbrush.

Plus, if you use Subscribe & Save to buy these generic toothbrush heads, you’ll get an extra 5% off.

If you don’t have a Sonicare don’t pay full price! I got my kids a Sonicare for kids, regularly priced $69.99 at Kohl’s when they were only $14.99 each after coupons and rebates.

PRO TIP: Can’t find a current Sonicare deal right now? Then you should shop for one at Costco. Costco usually offers a rebate, so it ends up being the best overall price on Sonicare in a pinch, usually around $69 for two of them.


3. Save 80% when you buy generic Apple charging cables for your iPhone.

I won’t admit who in my family has a chronic issue with losing phone chargers, but I’ll say it’s not me. When I found these generics, I stopped paying out-the-nose for the real Apple ones.


4. Save 80% when you buy generic pregnancy tests instead of First Response.

Women swear by “dollar store” tests, and while cheap pregnancy tests may not detect pregnancy as early as First Response, they are accurate. Is it worth it to you to wait a couple days and save 80% compared to the brand name? Your call. I know what a hard task-master Baby Fever can be.

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5. Save 71% with Amazon brand Solimo plastic storage containers over Rubbermaid.

Does anyone still pay for actual Tupperware-brand containers? I can’t bring myself to do it because I replace them so often. So I chose a more conservative comparison — Rubbermaid — to show that you can save over 70% if you go generic.



6. Save 70% when you buy generic darts for your Nerf guns.

When compared with “official” Nerf darts, the generic price on these is better than Buy 1 Get 1 Free. So go ahead and do all the Nerf wars and then throw away every bent and torn dart afterward. Zero guilt.

Plus, early spring — February and March — is a great time to find Nerf gun deals. Otherwise, you’ll find the best prices from Black Friday through Christmas.


7. Save 66% with AmazonBasics batteries compared to Duracell.

AmazonBasics batteries come in around $0.31per battery. Subscribe & Save will save you another 5%, which makes them $0.29 a battery.


8. Save 51% with AmazonBasics replacement filters for your Brita water pitcher.

It’s legit to pass on a Brita water pitcher because you don’t want to pay for filters you’d have to change every two months. But buying generic filters — especially if you use Subscribe & Save to get another 5% off — makes it suddenly more affordable.

Sometimes you can land Brita coupons to use on a pitcher when you sign up for Brita’s email newsletter.


9. Save 50% when you buy Amazon’s generic ink cartridges for your HP printer.

One thing to note: these generic ink cartridges are often refurbished.

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10. Save 38% when you buy generic razor blades for your Mach 3.

Not gonna lie — using Gillette coupons to get razors at a store like Target or CVS is the absolute best way to save money on razors.

But if you’re not ready to start couponing yet, don’t pay full price for blade refills on Amazon!

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11. Save 26% when you buy Amazon’s generic tips for your Waterpik oral flosser.

While we see deals on Waterpik flossers about every other month on average, deals on the replacement tips are rare. So get the name-brand flosser when there’s a deal and then buy generic replacement tips to save money over the long haul.


12. Save 17% with generic LED light bulbs over Philips.

Even generic light bulbs on Amazon can save you some bucks over name brands like Philips.


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