First, we were sad to see Toys”R”Us go out of business. Then we were excited to hear they’d be relaunching some smaller stores at some point.

Now, we get the surprise of seeing Geoffrey the giraffe pop up even earlier than we imagined.

Kroger is letting you be a Toys”R”Us kid at some of their stores.


Toys”R”Us toys are now in 600 Kroger stores for the holidays.

As part of the company’s reorganization, Toys”R”Us offers 35 different items from its six exclusive brands (like Journey Girls, Imaginarium and You & Me), and are selling them in special displays inside Kroger-affiliated stores.


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If you’re expecting the newly emerged Toys”R”Us to be more wallet-friendly, think again.

Right now the toys are priced $19.99-$49.99, and since most of the items in the Toy Box are Toys”R”Us brands, don’t expect to see them at a discount.

For example, Journey Girls dolls are priced at $49.99 — compare that to $22.49 for the similar Our Generation doll at Target.



The pop-ups are expected to last through the holiday season.

While Toys”R”Us has hinted at some sort of comeback, it remains to be seen whether this is it. But in the meantime, Geoffrey is trying to keep from being forgotten in the cardboard displays dotting hundreds of Kroger aisles in the U.S.


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Toys"R"Us Is Back (Well, Sort Of)