Like many moms trying to keep a tidy and organized house, I often find pieces of china, crystal, silver or collectibles around the house that I just don’t need anymore. They are pieces of a set that has thinned out over the years or spare pieces that I found at garage or estate sales.

No matter how I got them, I now have to try to find a new home for them. My first thought is holding my own garage sale or maybe putting them on Craigslist. But then I thought: “Where would I go to find pieces of my favorite collection?” The answer: Replacements, Ltd.

I have had an account with them since I registered for my wedding china. I was familiar with buying from them, but could I sell to them? So, I went to their FAQ page and found a section titled, “Sell to us.”

The process is pretty simple. Send an email to to request an “Offer to Purchase” for pieces in your pattern. Your email should include the manufacturer and pattern name of the items you wish to sell. If you don’t know the manufacturer or pattern name, click here for more detailed pattern identification instructions.

In about two days, the company will email a formal offer to you indicating the prices they can pay for your pieces in excellent condition. They may also buy pieces with “minor flaws” at a reduced price depending on the condition of the piece. Their “Offer to Purchase” is good for 30 days.

According to the Website, “If we have enough inventory for our current needs, we may offer a low price for your item(s) or mark it as ‘Not Buying.’ This does not reflect on the value of your item(s).”

If you don’t get a good price for your pieces and you would lose even more money by shipping them, you might consider checking back with them at a later date when their supply needs change.

Finally, you are responsible for packing, shipping and insuring the merchandise based on the “Offer to Purchase” prices. Replacements, Ltd. offers several helpful guidelines for packing your shipment.

You will receive a confirmation email once your package arrives at the company’s warehouse.

Once the quality inspection process is complete, Replacements contacts you with a final offer in about 21 days. If you accept their final offer, you will receive your payment by check.

The packaging process is a little labor intensive, but it’s a good feeling knowing that your lonely Wedgwood saucer may complete someone else’s 12-piece place setting in time for an Easter feast.

This is a guest post by Ellen from Madison, WI

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