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Which is the Best HSN Coupon Code — $20 off vs. 20% off

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We don’t see a ton of HSN coupons, and when we do, they’re typically only for new customers. That's why we were so psyched when the second HSN coupon code ever arrived on Sept. 26, 2023 (a glorious day) — it was valid for all customers. Keeping our fingers crossed for another one of those but certainly not holding our breath.

But here’s the thing, the coupons have varied. In Jan. 2024 it was $10 off $20 for new users, but previously we saw $20 off $40 for first-time shoppers. And once there was even a 20% off coupon.

An HSN $20 off coupon has a minimum spend of $40, while the previous 20% off coupon had a maximum discount of $25 (meaning if you spent, say, $200 on an item, you would only get $25 off, not $40). So which one was better to use? That’s going to depend on your order total. We break it all down.

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When there's an HSN $10 off $20 coupon, or a $20 off $40 coupon, it's better than the 20% off coupon for purchases between $40 and $100.

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The $20 off $40 coupon for new customers is actually a pretty good discount for anything under $100. Spend just $40 and you’re getting 50% off, which is the biggest return on your initial spend you can get. And if you spend anything under $100, you’re still getting more than 20% off, making this coupon superior to the 20% off, in my opinion.

  • Spend $50; $20 is 40% off

  • Spend $75; $20 is 27% off

  • Spend $99-$100; $20 is 20% off

If you’re shopping HSN and any coupons are available, it’s obviously best to use them. But hopefully, this helps you work out which coupon discounts are more valuable for your purchase. The last $20 off $40 was available through Dec. 31, 2023 and was only valid for first-time HSN shoppers. The current $10 off $20 coupon is only available for one day on Saturday, Jan. 20.

PRO TIP: Want details on an even better offer? Refer a friend and when they make an HSN purchase they’ll receive a code for $50 off a $100+ order and you will, too. This beats both the $20 off $40 and the 20% off coupon.

The 20% off coupon is best for purchases $100+, even with the $25 max savings.

When you see a 20% off coupon it's best for purchases of $100 and above. Shoppers get more bang for their buck using the 20% off on a big-ticket purchase. The coupon maximum discount is $25, so the sweet spot here would be on orders that fall between $100 and $125 to be a better deal than the $20 off $40+.

When deciding which is the best coupon code to utilize, look at your purchase value (the dollar-off coupons are often a better value).

In Jan. 2024, the only coupon available was the $10 off for new customers. However, we’ve seen HSN offer multiple coupons at the same time. For example, in late Sept. 2023, there was a 20% off coupon that overlapped with a $10 off $20 coupon. The $10 off $20 coupon was preferable if you were buying anything under $50. Why? Because $10 back was better than 20% off $49 — which is only $9.80.

So if you happen to shop during a multi-coupon promo, just be sure you’re using the correct coupon to get the best return on your spend.

Use HSN coupons on rarely discounted brands like Cricut and Nespresso.

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Stores like HSN (and sister site QVC) often have surprisingly hot brands in beauty and home goods. For this reason, you should always price-compare at other major retailers when a coupon like this drops.

Let’s look at the Cricut Explore 3 as an example. The regular price — and the price we saw at Walmart and other retailers — is $319.99. But when HSN had the coupon code, taking the $25 max discount into consideration, it was $294.99. That was still the best deal anywhere by $25, offering a 7.8% discount.

Will the 20% coupon return? (We aren’t sure, TBH.)

Aug. 2023 was the first time we’d ever seen a 20% off HSN coupon, but then they came back with the second one just three weeks later. We’re still considering it a rare event and since it was a one-day-only promotion, we think it’s likely that HSN is still testing it out. So, can we expect another rare 20% off coupon? Only time will tell! If they do offer another one, we predict it will be sometime during the week of Oct. 23, 2023. We’ll update you as soon as possible when we hear about another coupon in the works.

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There are exclusions for both HSN coupon codes, clearance being the most notable.

There are some exclusions with all HSN coupon codes — most notably clearance items. Other exclusions included Arrow Sewing, Dyson, Janome, large Samsung appliances, select shoe brands, Roomba 880, electronics, and gaming. You also can’t use it on wine, alcohol, or gift cards. Whew! This seems like a lot of exclusions, but there are still some steals on hot brands to be had, trust me.

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