Kids love to go out for a fun family dinner, and they often prefer one particular fast food joint. Who doesn’t want a cheeseburger with a toy. But to feed a family, routine fast-food stops can really add up. McDonalds offers some money-saving coupons and exceptional special offers to save customers big—but, to get them, you have to know where to look.  Use these tips:

Use monthly coupon printables:  McDonalds routinely offers online printable coupons.

Become a My Coke Rewards member:  This free online rewards program helps accumulate points for buying Coca-Cola family products (Coke and Dasani to Nestea and Powerade—along with 10 other products). For example, buy a 12-pack of Coke and earn 10 points.  Redeem the points for prizes and coupons, including the current offer for free Spicy Chicken McBites for 40 points.

Check online promotions:  Regularly access the McDonald's online promotion page and be the first to know about cheap offers and promotions, like the current Olympic games tie-in.

Buy a yearly calendar:  At the end of every calendar year, McDonalds offers 12-month wall calendars with 36 attached coupons.This year, the value of the coupons was over $100!  Some locations sell these for $2.99 while others offer them free with a $10 Arch card purchase. Each month of the calendar features at least one free item coupon (no purchase necessary), along with an assortment of BOGO or Free with Purchase coupons.  December ends with a Free 20-piece Nugget coupon with a $25 Arch Card purchase . . . which I'll then use to get another calendar for 2013!

Grab some print coupons:  Regional coupons are offered by individual franchises. My son received a coupon for a free ice cream from the public library's summer reading club. A local school also distributes them for end-of-year good behavior.  Additionally, you can check those "big entertainment books" that sell in major cities as well as your phonebook's YellowPages.

Connect on Facebook:  Joining the McDonald's Facebook page will keep you up-to-date with all things McDonald's, including offers, promotions, coupons and new products to try.

Order a "Senior" beverage:  If you're over 50, you can order a "senior" beverage fountain drink or coffee, which is about the size of their small cup.  Though it's not listed on the menu, ask for it; it will set you back about 70 cents.

Join the McCafe Club:  Live near San Diego?  Sign-up for the local McCafe club to receive coupons and special offers.  (Wish this club was available in more cities . . . maybe soon!)

You don't have to only order from the dollar menu to get awesome deals at McDonalds. It’s OK to indulge the kids occasionally, and you don’t have to do it at full price.


This has been a guest post by Audrey from Texas
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