I love to create. I'm the lady who brings homemade gifts to every party, decorates with self-designed artwork and goes all googly-eyed when I walk into a craft store. So what does a crafter like me do to make some extra money every month? Sell my creations on an online marketplace like Artfire! With Artfire, I typically sell up to 10 creations a month — which puts an extra $50 or more in my bank account.

What is Artfire?

Similar to Etsy, Artfire is an online community designed for the creative at heart. On their website, you can buy and sell a variety of homemade goods such as jewelry, coffee mugs, clothing and phone cases. They also carry fine art, vintage items (like old books), and supplies (think beads, charms, etc.).

How much does it cost?

Selling your creations on Artfire is not only easy, it's affordable. Right now their Pro Seller Account, normally $20, has been discounted to just $12.95 a month (or you can opt for "Quarterly Billing" for $30 every 3 months). Rather than paying fees per sale and per item like other online marketplaces, you only pay one fee per month — there are no hidden charges or fees. You can sell as many items as you want with up to 10 images per listing. But that's not all that's included — you also get to customize your store template, create gift certificates and coupon codes, and use the Facebook kiosk. Still on the fence? Try out their free 14-day trial to see if you like Artfire as much as I do.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is simple. Just click on the "Join Now" link on the top right of their homepage. Here you will choose your user name, shop name, payment methods, etc. The site walks you through the process — you basically just fill out forms and click "next." It's that easy!

What do I do next?

Once your signup process is complete, select each corresponding link on your "My Artfire" page to upload your bio pic, write a quick intro about your store, choose Interest Keywords, select your accepted payment method (PayPal, Check, Money Order, etc.), upload a banner and complete your shop policies. You must do all of this before you can start selling your items — but don't worry; it's also quick and easy. One option that really stands out to me over the other online marketplaces: Artfire immediately lists your item on Google Shopping, which means people are more likely to see your store when using Google's search engine.

How do I list items?

When you are ready to start selling your items, just log into your Artfire account and click on the "My Artfire" tab. Select the "Manage My Artisan Studio" tab, then "My Studio” and "List New Product." There you will create a title for your product, enter the price, post images, select shipping rates, add a product description, and select the product category (from a drop-down menu). In my experience, Artfire is a lot more customizable than Etsy, which is a winner in my book! After you click "Save" you are ready to open up shop!

How do I cash out on my creations?

After you sell your first creation, you will receive your money via the payment method you chose. For example, if you selected "Paypal," your customer will pay you via Paypal. It's that clear-cut! Artfire doesn't take out any sneaky fees — all of the money from your sale goes right into your pocket.

Make Cash Selling Your Crafts on Artfire