Mobile shopping is so great when it comes to all the Christmas prep. I can find everything I want just on my phone, from the comfort of my home and in my fuzzy slippers.

Not only is it convenient — it’s smart. Here’s why.


1. Sign up for Paribus for automatic price adjustments.

Paribus monitors your online purchases, and if the price drops, they’ll get you a price adjustment automatically. Easy.


2. Use Ibotta to get cash back when you shop online.

Instead of going to the sites you usually visit, get to them via the Ibotta app — many times there will be cash back in it for you.


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3. Download the KCL App to be aware of all the best sales.

We keep up with all the best coupons and sales so all you have to do is get our app and sign up for push alerts — and then pounce!


4. Download store apps for extra savings.

Some of the best ones include the Walmart Savings Catcher and Target’s Cartwheel.

Cartwheel now allows you to use certain offers when you shop online and select in-store pickup. Other stores like H&M offer discounts through their app including free shipping promos.



5. Use apps like Canopy to help generate gift ideas.

Canopy is an app that helps you come up with ideas for gifts by who you’re looking for — adventurous types, thoughtful types, etc. Select those personalities and they will show you a list of items they may want — conveniently linked to Amazon.

It also allows you to sort it by the lowest price and whether it works with Amazon Prime.


6. Add items to your cart, leave them there — get a percent off sent to your email.

Do you ever browse through a store on your phone, add things to your basket but then get distracted by something and abandon your cart? That could actually be a good thing.

Some online stores will notice if you leave items in your basket but don’t check out. Stores like Kate Spade and West Elm send you a coupon code within 24-48 hours to encourage your purchase.


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7. Use CamelCamelCamel to know the best time to buy certain things on Amazon.

Whether you’re looking for an air fryer or a new iPhone, CamelCamelCamel is a website that will show you the best times to buy.


8. Clear your browsing history and cookies and go incognito.

Many companies are monitoring your shopping habits — and hide sales from certain people based on their criteria.

Don’t want to be left out? The best way to avoid this is to delete your browser history and cookies and shop in a private/incognito browser.



9. Choose store pickup so you don’t pay shipping.

A lot of stores are offering store pickup — letting you avoid shipping fees and the in-store experience. All you have to do is drive to pick up your order.


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10. Check out Gift Card Granny and Raise for discounted gift cards.

Download both of these apps to buy and sell gift cards at a price that’s lower than the amount on the cards.


11. Use an app to compare in-store to online prices.

You can use apps like Google Shopper or Amazon to check prices in a store and see if there are any cheaper options online.


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11 Mobile Shopping Tips That'll Save You Hundreds During the Holidays