If you like watching videos and trying out new apps, you’ll love these five apps! Each app takes a slightly different approach to rewarding you with cash or cash equivalents when you watch short video ads or clips. You can read through the short reviews here and select the app(s) that best fit your device and lifestyle.

1. Slide Joy


About: Slide Joy is one of the new breed of apps that helps you monetize everyday activities—such as checking your email on your smart device. The app simply loads ads onto your home screen. Whether you slide left (to take advantage of an ad) or slide right (to proceed to your homescreen) you earn.

What you need to register:  your email address or Facebook account.

Payout limits: No set limit to cash out to PayPal—this app uses payout time instead.

Payout time: You get paid three months after you earned the points.

Payment type: Cash to PayPal

2. Adfun

About: Adfun is a social networking-based earning site that encourages you to form teams and watch ads with five of your friends (optional, but helpful to boost earning power). When you watch as a team, your whole team is rewarded with the chance to win prizes (like a MacBook Air and Keurig coffee maker). The more ads your team watches, the more entries you get to win the prizes.

What you need to register: A Facebook account (required to participate in a team) or email address.

Payout limits: Per prize

Payout time: Once you accrue sufficient points/entries, you can win prizes.

Payment type: Prizes

3. App Joy

About: App Joy has more than one million registered users. It’s simple to download and use, and payouts are made in the form of gift cards (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) or cash to a PayPal account. You watch free app trailers and earn points. You can also issue "invitation codes" to your friends and earn more points that way.

What you need to register: A valid email address

Payout limits: Not stated, but the gift card or cash payouts start at $1.

Payout time: 48 hours

Payment type: Cash to PayPal or gift cards.

4. App Nana 

About: App Nana and App Joy are two apps created by the same umbrella company. App Nana works a bit differently from App Joy, awarding "nanas" (points) for viewing ads. You can earn rewards including gift cards (Amazon, iTunes, etc.), paid apps for free, or paid games for free. The app also rewards users with 400 points just for making one daily visit.

What you need to register: A valid email address

Payout limits: Not stated

Payout time: 48 hours

Payment type: Paid apps or games for free or gift cards

5. Feature Points

About: Feature Points allows you to try out new apps and earn points towards paid apps. Each app is associated with a particular amount of points you’ll earn for trying it (for at least a one-minute minimum time period). You can also refer others to the app and earn 50% of the points they earn.

What you need to register: A valid email address or your Facebook or Google+ account.

Payout limits: 600 points earns you $1 (6,000 earns you $10).

Payout time: Not stated

Payment type: Cash to PayPal or paid apps for free


Watch Ads and Videos with These 5 Apps and Earn