For Southern shoppers, the release of H-E-B's new coupon policy might have couponers on edge. After all, with H-E-B no longer allowing coupon stacking after Jan. 31, smart savings will be harder to reap…or will they?

Krazy Coupon Ladies are masters of change. Consider the oft-quoted "Keep calm and coupon!" mantra. So with H-E-B's changing policy, keeping calm is exactly what a KCL should do. After all, there are still plenty of ways to save money with coupons (and other deals) at H-E-B. Here are some inventive ways to do it:

Earn Combined Savings Through a Rebate

From health and beauty supplies to breakfast foods, pantry staples, and more, lots of manufacturers offer rebates on products and gifts with purchase. At H-E-B, coupons used on a transaction are listed at the bottom of the receipt (not next to the products on which they were used). That means when a H-E-B discount is offered via a yellow in-store coupon, that coupon can be used for immediate savings, but the full product amount can be redeemed through the manufacturer's rebate. So if H-E-B is offering a coupon for Totino's Pizza, use it to save in store; then use the product/receipt to score additional savings through the active rebate.

Some rebates are for special gifts with purchase, which can equal big savings when paired with H-E-B's in-store yellow coupons. Consider a scenario like this:

To find active rebates, check KCL regularly for updates and information.

Shop on Second Saturdays

Every second Saturday of the month, H-E-B stores offer free health screenings through their in-store pharmacies. A special table is usually set up in store to offer information about the screenings to passers-by, but couponers, rejoice! Free coupons are often available for the taking. With event sponsors like Kraft, Clorox, and others, shoppers can enjoy immediate savings by redeeming available coupons. Look for other special offers during Second Saturdays at your local store, including free product samples, informational brochures, and other in-store specials.

Become an Insider

H-E-B launched an online customer panel near the end of 2012. Sign up for free and receive monthly newsletters with access to short (5 minutes or less) surveys and polls for a chance to win $100 gift cards. Additionally, learn about new products and in-store promotions, which will be helpful as you plan your shopping trips with coupons. The Insiders panel is still new, so perhaps the offerings will be even more robust as time passes. Bonus: If you have major concerns with the new coupon policy or problems in the checkout line, this would be an appropriate platform for voicing those and offering suggestions for change.

Collect Catalinas

H-E-B checkout lanes have some impressively high-valued Catalinas, including occasional free H-E-B branded product coupons (2012 yielded absolutely free diapers, detergent, and chips for me through Catalinas!). Before your cashier begins your transaction, ask if the Catalina machine is on (and working). Then, be sure to collect your Catalinas before you leave. At my H-E-B, many shoppers don't pay attention to Catalinas, so I've been given forgotten and unwanted Catalinas on several occasions. Even if a Catalina isn't for a product you plan to buy in your next trip, save it. With generous expiration dates (usually, the dates are anywhere from one month to three months), file those Catalinas, waiting for a sale or combo to get the most benefit from them.

Of course, H-E-B's much-loved Combos Locos and Meal Deals are still a great way to score healthy foods and fresh options. Check for deals on KCL, where they are published whenever available.

For more information and tips for shopping at H-E-B, check out this KCL article.

So couponing change doesn't have to cause panic. Instead, keep calm, and know that there are still plenty of ways for savvy shoppers to save money on groceries and other staples at H-E-B.

This is a guest post by Audrey from Texas
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Navigating H-E-B's New Coupon Policy