Magazines are basically a surprise treat in the mail. Too bad they can be crazy expensive.

I refuse to pay $5.00 (or more!) for something that ends up in the recycle bin. Cheap (or better yet, free!) sounds way better. Try this so you never pay for magazines:


1. Sign up for free magazines at Rewards Survey.

I know, surveys are a bummer — but hear me out. When you sign up at Rewards Survey they ask you to fill out a quick survey (mine took two minutes).

You’ll immediately be rewarded 30 points which you can use to get one or two subscriptions.

Make sure to choose ones that are free and you won’t be asked for credit card info.

Every month or so they’ll send you another request for a short survey and you can get another subscription.

TIP: Make sure to stay updated on running magazine deals here.


Get free bridal subscriptions at wedding shows.

If you’re planning a wedding then chances are you’re hitting up a bridal show.

Vendors will offer free subscriptions to popular magazines just for letting them put you on their email list.


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ValueMags is great for mainstream subscriptions.

ValueMags offers free magazine subscriptions based on points. You earn those points by opening emails they send you, visiting the site, and filling out surveys.

Their offers are a little more specialized, but I did grab free subscriptions to Sports Illustrated Kids Edition and Entertainment Weekly.

You aren’t even required to sign up for any of their offers to get the magazines, so don’t be fooled!


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Sign up for My Coke Rewards and sip your way to free magazine subscriptions.

Sign up for a free My Coke Rewards account, enter product codes, and grab a free magazine subscription when you earn enough points.


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Check out Freebizmag if you own your own business.

Freebizmag lets you sign up based on your industry, then they send you offers via email.

The offers are only available for a limited time, so if they email you, snatch it up quick!


If you can’t get your favorite for free, then try Discount Magazines.

Discount Magazines is a way to go around the publisher and pay a discounted price for your subscription. They have just about every magazine ever.

This is also a great way to give a gift to someone for cheap. Sign someone up and Discount Magazines will send them a postcard notifying them of their gift.


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Why You Should Never Pay for Magazines