If there’s one thing in life I don't enjoy doing—it’s running errands. Errands take a ridiculous amount of time away from my day. So if there was a way to get someone else to do these things for me, I’d consider it time (and money) well spent. Lately, there seems to be an increasing amount of services that will do your errands for you—the latest of which is Postmates. Learn more about what Postmates can offer—including first-time specials and ways you can save!

Postmates 101

Postmates is a simple, free app. Right now the service is in many major cities and the rollout will continue nationwide in 2015.

Postmates Delivers

There are a number of specific delivery-based apps and services rolling out right now, but Postmates is the sole representative in the "everything" class at the moment. You can use Postmates 24/7 (every single day of the year).

Stuff that Postmates will fetch and deliver for you:

  • Fast food
  • Take-out cuisine
  • Clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Software and gadgets
  • Groceries and home goods
  • Pharmacy prescriptions and OTC medications
  • Alcohol (in some cities)
  • Everything else


Postmates Fees

Like most delivery-based services, Postmates isn't free. Your charges will be disclosed at the time you place your order and can vary based on distance, peak hours and other factors.

  • Delivery fees start at $5.00.
  • You’ll also pay a 9% transaction fee (based on your order total).


Postmates FAQ

Here is an overview of how Postmates works:

  • Orders typically come within one hour (and they will call or email you if there are any delays).
  • If anything changes (about your order, your address, etc.) you can call your delivery person (called a “Postmate”) for free in the app.
  • As soon as a Postmate is matched with your order, you’ll receive a text with the name and photo of the delivery person so you’ll know who to expect.
  • Payments are made in-app (no cash ever changes hands and transactions are secure).


Postmates savings

Couponers will be happy with this one! Since Postmates is a new and rapidly expanding nationwide service that (at the moment) has no real competitors, Postmates is continuously promoting with coupons, freebies and deals—check out some of their latest offerings!

  • Coupons at Coupons.com:
  • Codes on RetailMeNot.com:
  • Super cheap delivery on Twitter:
  • Freebies on Tuesdays on Postmates' own blog:
  • Free Dunkin’ Donuts on Facebook:
  • Discounted burritos on Facebook:

Postmates drawbacks

Despite the overall great concept of Postmates, I think I still might hesitate to use their service because of all of the extra fees. I would use Postmates if I were in a special situation (in the hospital with someone or if there was inclement weather) or if I had a coupon for free or discounted delivery. Otherwise, I think I would save myself the extra cost, but it’s nice to have the option (and luxury).

An example of how much it could cost:

  • I order $35 worth of takeout.
  • My delivery fee is $6 plus the $3.15 surcharge.
  • Then there’s the tip—I always tip at least 15% (which adds $5.25).
  • So I’m paying an extra $14.40 in delivery charges, tip and surcharge.
  • My total is $49.40.
Postmates Delivers: Save Time and Never Run Errands Again