While it’s true your grocery bill has increased in the last month or so, there are some items you’re definitely paying less for right now.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which monitors prices of goods and services nationwide, shared a report that found a bunch of household purchases significantly dropped in price from March to April.

If you weren’t already aware of the potential bargains to be had, you are now. Here are 5 product types whose prices are falling.


1. Suits, dresses, and outerwear are around 10% cheaper.

With people staying home more during social distancing, avoiding social gatherings and professional workplaces, these apparel purchases have become rare.

The result is that prices have dropped significantly.

Men’s suits, sport coats, and outerwear prices dropped a whopping 11.3% between March and April. Women’s dresses decreased nearly 10% (9.6%), and women’s outerwear prices are 8.3% cheaper. Women’s suits decreased 5.1%, and jewelry and watches dropped 3.6%.

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2. Apparel prices have decreased across the board.

Even though plenty of folks have been staying in their pajamas for days on end, the popular clothing choice is dropping in price — as are all apparel categories, on average dropping in price by 4.7% since March.

That may have to do with the fact that retailers have slashed prices to clear inventory and make up for time lost with closed stores.

Apparel dominates the list of biggest price drops, including:

  • Underwear, nightwear, swimwear, and accessories (5.8% cheaper for women, 2% cheaper for men)
  • Men’s pants and shorts (4.7% cheaper)
  • Men’s shirts and sweaters (4.6% cheaper)
  • Footwear (5.2% cheaper for women, 4% cheaper for kids, 1.1% cheaper for men)
  • Infant and toddler apparel (3.7% cheaper)

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3. Computer software and accessories prices are down 3.8%.

Lots of people working from home, and the tools needed have gotten cheaper.

That said, the physical items needed to work from home are more expensive, actually — household paper products rose a whopping 4.5% and the price of clocks and lamps increased by 3.1%. The price of computers themselves rose by a slight 0.7%.

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4. The cost of pets and pet supplies is dropping.

The government report found that the cost to purchase pets, pet supplies, and accessories dropped by 2.7%.

In related news, Petfinder.com said adoption inquiries have jumped 116% since the coronavirus pandemic, and now 66% of Americans either have a pet or have plans to get one.

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5. Furniture has had a modest price decrease.

Even as people were looking to make their homes more liveable during social distancing, they found the price of bedroom furniture to be 2.4% less, and living room, kitchen, and dining room furniture to be a little less expensive — 1.9%.

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These 5 Types of Products Are Seeing Prices Drop