Redbox today is so popular that it has thoroughly displaced the brick-and-mortar rental giants of decades past. (Blockbuster—where did they go?) But Redbox isn’t resting on its laurels—far from it. Rather, the company continuously launches new promotions offering free rental codes and coupons to new and existing users—no account required. Redbox also markets aggressively via social media with contests, DVD codes and more. Their latest offering is the Redbox Mobile Text Club. With a simple text, you can get one free movie rental each month. You can also use their free mobile apps to redeem your monthly freebies. Also, in between redeeming freebies, you can enjoy blockbuster hits for just over $1 plus tax—quite a difference from what you'd have to shell out to watch the same films in theaters!

How to get Redbox 

There are more than a few fun ways to enjoy Redbox movies, games and shows.

1. Pick up your films at any Redbox kiosk

2. Stream Redbox online from home (or anywhere)

With this feature, you get a free one-month trial membership to decide if you like the service. You can cancel up to the last day of the trial and avoid being charged. Best of all, when you sign up for the streaming plan (currently priced at $8/month), you also get four free DVD credits each month (a $4 value before taxes, making your streaming plan just $4/month in actuality) that you can use at any Redbox kiosk. You can also cancel your streaming plan at any time without penalty.

3. Redbox Mobile Text Club

The Redbox Mobile Text Club is another way to get free DVD credits each month. You can get one free DVD credit – redeemable at any Redbox kiosk – for each month you remain in the plan.

Note: You may receive up to two texts per week while you’re a club member, so be sure your mobile data plan can accommodate that without incurring extra data fees before you sign up!

4. Redbox mobile/smart devices

Take Redbox with you with these apps and streaming helps.

  • Get it for iTunes (free)
  • Get it for Android (free)
  • Get it for Windows (free)
  • Get it for Kindle Fire (free)
  • Get it for Verizon (free) – this is the Redbox Instant app for smart devices, including televisions

Redbox 411

Here are some Redbox facts to help you decide if this is the best option for watching your favorite films and shows.

  • Redbox promotes aggressively, so there are always new deals to help you enjoy free DVDs.
  • Redbox kiosks are widely available today (nearly 36,000 locations nationwide) and you can use the easy Store Locator feature at to find a kiosk near you.
  • Redbox states that 68% of its users live within five minutes of a kiosk.
  • Each Redbox kiosk can store and dispense 200 titles (630 disks) at a time to accommodate heavy rental traffic.
  • Redbox has dispensed more than 3 billion DVDs since its launch date.
  • Redbox also carries games, Blu-rays, DVDs and certain television programs.

How to use Redbox

There are several ways you can use Redbox. Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow to get started.

1. Visit Redbox online to search for a film and pick it up at your local kiosk.

  • To find the closest Redbox kiosk, you can use the online Store Locator or text "FIND" to 727272.

2. Use Redbox's mobile/smart device apps to locate DVDs from your phone.

3. Use Redbox's free one-month trial offer to experience unlimited Redbox streaming.

4. Create a free account at Redbox online and be able to view your entire order history, set movie preferences, and more.

5. Join the Redbox Mobile Text Club to receive a free DVD promo code each month, redeemable at any kiosk.

Redbox: Watch Movies for Cheap (and Sometimes for Free!)