As a busy professional, I need all the extra time I can get! As such, when I find a free app that can help streamline my weekly "to do" list, I’m all over it. Recently I discovered RTUI, the oddly-named app best known for transforming this week's register receipts into next week’s coupon savings. As it turns out, RTUI does quite a bit more than just churn out in-store incentives. It can also hook you up with next week’s incentives, local coupons and deals, and more! This short how-to post will teach you how to navigate RTUI to find the best savings.

The RTUI 411

RTUI (Register Tapes Unlimited) is nationwide and in Canada. The app's database includes 3,000 cities, 8,000 retailers, and more than 33,000 coupons at any given time.

Hint: You may be more used to seeing RTUI coupons on the reverse side of your local register receipts.

1.   How can I access RTUI?

2. What does the app do?

Here’s an overview of how RTUI works:

  • You can search for deals and coupons by zip code and radius.
  • You can pull up coupons for just your local area, find the nearest location, and get driving directions to redeem coupons right away.
  • You can save your favorite coupons to use later.
  • You can sign up to get alerts when new coupons are added in your area.

3. How can I save?

Saving with RTUI is super easy!


  • You’re out running local errands with your spouse and the kids.
  • The kids are very hungry, so you pull up RTUI to find a kid-friendly, cost-friendly eatery.
  • RTUI offers up the Hartz Chicken Buffet, which offers a "free kids buffet" and dinner for two adults for $14.99.
  • You click on the coupon and get easy driving directions.
  • 20 minutes later, everyone is full and happy (including your wallet!)
RTUI: A Free App That Delivers Personalized Coupons Right to Your Phone!