Google just announced that small business merchants can now post and sell products on Google shopping for free.

The change will help online businesses affected by COVID-19 get back on their feet, and help them compete with Amazon. It will also make it easier for online shoppers to buy essential products as well as items like toys, apparel and other home goods.


Google Shopping search results will post free listings to help businesses and shoppers.

In the past, online businesses had to bid on listings for visibility. It gets expensive when you’re competing with everyone else.

According to Google’s President of Commerce, Bill Ready, Google’s new policy, which will roll out “before the end of April” in the U.S. will allow merchants to list and sell products on Google for free so that retailers are easier to discover for online shoppers.

This is great news for shoppers, since you’ll have access to more products from more stores, which will in turn make prices more competitive with certain other online behemoths.

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You can only find these stores under the Google Shopping tab.

To find these stores (and support more businesses), you have to shop under Google’s “Shopping” tab.

To find it, click on the “More” tab under your Google search bar and select “Shopping.”

From there, search for products you’re looking for (e.g. toilet paper) and shop away.


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Businesses Can Now Sell Products on Google Shopping for Free