It seems as though everyone is shopping online these days. The variety is great, the prices are hot, and everything gets shipped right to your door. Does it get any better than that? Actually, yes it does! Just like you would never buy something at the grocery store without a coupon, you shouldn’t even think about completing a purchase online without a coupon in tow! But where do you find these online shopping coupons? Allow me to introduce BeFrugal is an excellent source for online coupons to over 40,000 stores and even finds you cash back for over 3,000 online stores! BeFrugal is practically waiting with coupons in hand, ready to help you save on your online purchase.

At BeFrugal, stores are added each week so you will always find what you are looking for! To make your shopping experience even better, there’s a team of experts who verify each and every deal so you know that any deal you take advantage of is excellent, reliable, and in working condition. BeFrugal does the deal chasing for you, so all you need to do is start shopping.


Stack Your Coupon Codes and Cash Back Earnings in One Place!

Just like coupons can be “stacked” at retail stores, cash back and coupons can often be combined when you shop through BeFrugal. To make it easy for shoppers, a money bag symbol indicates when you can stack both coupons and cash back. Just look for a money bag icon on the coupon and the available cash back rate in addition to the coupon details. When you see this icon, you will know that you are able to stack your savings and really score a deal. When you “stack” at BeFrugal, you are essentially taking advantage of a coupon program such as RetailmeNot and a cash back program like Ebates all in one. BeFrugal not only provides coupon codes to your favorite stores (as mentioned above, over 40,000 of them!) but they also find you cash back at over 3,000 stores. When you shop at BeFrugal and see the “money bag” symbol, you will not only be able to use the coupon code provided to you by BeFrugal, but also accrue cash in your BeFrugal cash back account. It’s stacking at its best!
Interested in saving money and earning cash back on your online purchases? Here’s how to get started:

  • Visit
  • Enter your email address and click the red “join now” button.
  • Update your account with your address and a few other identifying items.
  • That’s it! You can now start shopping at online retailers such as Best Buy and Target! BeFrugal will mail you a check when you have accrued $25.00 in your cash back account.

Don’t be worried that you might find a better deal later on down the line, or that your coupon code won’t work. BeFrugal offers guarantees! If a coupon code doesn’t work, they will credit your account with $5. If you find a higher cash back rate elsewhere, they will credit your account 125 percent!

BeFrugal even offers a browser add-on with their own patent pending Couponomatic feature. This is a feature that makes it super quick and easy to get coupon codes. They simply appear in the promo code box as a drop-down list of options at 3,000+ stores. It’s instant savings at your fingertips!

So what are the pros?

  • BeFrugal is convenient because it offers coupon codes AND cash back offers in one place. There is no jumping from site to site.
  • BeFrugal adds new stores daily, so you will always be able to find the store you are looking for and get the best deals on products you are already buying.
  • The money back promise offered at BeFrugal lets you know you are not wasting time or money. They back their deals with money back guarantees.
  • Registration is fast and free!

What are the cons?

  • BeFrugal has a $25.00 payout minimum, meaning you must accrue $25.00 in your cash back account before you can request a check. This is comparable to other sites but, depending on how often you shop, can take a while to earn.
Stack Coupons and Cash Back at