Twitter is so much more than a platform for 140-character snippets of idle chatter, mundane updates, frivolous celebrity gossip, troll wars, and those ubiquitous, awkward duck-faced snapshots in the bathroom mirror. Some smart users utilize Twitter to save money! Here are six ways you can use Twitter to save money:

  • Follow Like-Minded Users: Lindsay Lohan may be entertaining (enjoy watching train wrecks?), but she’s not likely to save you money. Want more coin in your purse? Then start following like-minded users. Follow your favorite coupon bloggers (@KrazyCouponLady is a good choice), your friends from the couponing community, and others who are likely to post hot coupons and daily deals.
  • Follow Businesses/Retailers for Deals:Many tech-savvy businesses have Twitter accounts they use to post deals that are often exclusive to Twitter. Follow businesses with Twitter accounts to stay in the loop. Here are some deal-tweeting businesses to follow:
    • Deals (@amazondeals): Every day, Deals tweets special deals and discounts that are officially supported by
    • AppleDiscounts (@applediscounts): AppleDiscounts searches the Web for the latest and greatest deals on Apple (and related) products.
    • Best Buy Deals (@BestBuy_Deals): Best Buy Deals provides discounts and deals on consumer electronics available at BestBuy. Some of the deals tweeted about may have limited time or limited availability, so act fast when you see a great deal.
    • JetBlue Cheeps (@JetBlueCheeps): Every Tuesday, Jet Blue posts last-minute deals (with limited time and limited availability) on this Twitter account.
    • Target Deals (@TargetDeals): Target Deals provides followers with all the deals from @Target in one convenient place. For special, one-day only deals, make sure to check out the tweets marked with the hashtag #Daily Deals.
  • Utilize Websites that Aggregate Twitter Deals: Coupon Tweet is a website that aggregates coupons, daily deals, Twitter users and coupon/promotional codes from Twitter merchants (retailers and businesses that have Twitter accounts). The site then posts the deals gleaned from Twitter in an easy-to-use, real-time searchable database. Visit Coupon Tweet and enter in the search box a store name, keyword, or category. For example, you could enter “Dell” or “laptop” or “computers & electronics” in the search box and Coupon Tweet would return results for relevant coupons, promotional codes, sales, and deals from across the Twitter universe.
  • Rev up Your (Twitter Search) Engine: Search using Twitter’s search engine (at the top of your Twitter homepage) to find deals and steals on products you’re interested in. For example, you could search for “diaper coupons,” “J.Crew coupon codes,” or “Dell Deals.”
  • Unhappy Customer? Then Tweet About It!: We’ve all had a bad experience with a certain product or store. Tweet the company directly about your grievances (some companies even have Twitter accounts specially designated for customer complaints). For example, when I was unhappy with a new flavor of Greek yogurt I bought, I tweeted the yogurt company directly (my tweet was something along the lines of: “Last week, I bought 2 Pomegranate flavored Greek yogurts. I have loved all of your flavors except for this one.  It tasted sour and had an unpleasant aftertaste.” Within hours of my tweet, the yogurt company tweeted me back and got my mailing address so they could send me free coupons. Expressing your complaints on Twitter (or as some people call it: “naming and blaming”) is often more effective than calling customer service.  Since the last thing a company wants is bad online publicity, they will most likely try to resolve your problem quickly.
  • Happy Customer? Tweet About It: Only fair.

Sync Your American Express Card to Twitter: American Express card holders are in luck.  Card holders can sync their eligible American Express Card with Twitter to take advantage of exclusive deals with a variety of retailers such as McDonald’s, Gulf, H&M, 1-800-FLOWERS, BestBuy, Whole Foods Market, Dell, and Ticketmaster. Synced Card holders can tweet a special Twitter hashtag that’s unique to a specific American Express offer. Here’s how this innovative service works:

  1. Click here to sync your American Express Card with Twitter. Registration is easy; provide your name, card number, and email address. You’ll get a confirmation e-mail.
  2. Follow American Express (@AmericanExpress) on Twitter. This Twitter page will give you a list of all the American Express offers for synced cardholders and special hashtags. For example, on July 20, 2012, @AmericanExpress tweeted: “Tweet #AmexShell, get $5 back 1x on next $25+ purch @Shell w/synced Amex Card! (RegLtd, Exp 8/8).”
  3. To sync tweeted Shell promotion, you must use your personal Twitter account to retweet: “Tweet #AmexShell, get $5 back 1x on next $25+ purch @Shell w/synced Amex Card! (RegLtd, Exp 8/8).” Your tweet will then sync this Shell promotion to your registered American Express Card. You will receive a tweet back from @AmexSync confirming that the offer has been synced to your card.
  4. When you make the qualified purchase (i.e. for the Shell promotion: spend at least $25 at Shell to get 5$ back) in store or online with your synced Card, you will receive an automatic statement credit on your monthly American Express Card Statement.
Sweet Tweet: How to Save Money Using Twitter