On your mark, get set, vote! When you pull the curtain behind you and start stumbling through confusing political jargon, only then does the bingo game begin. You fill in the circle, fold the envelope, drop it in the box and are on your way. Yes, you did your part, but was your voice really heard?

Post your ballot without ever leaving your couch and boost your bank account while you influence the future. Synovate, an online leader in market research, rated as one of the 50 most engaged workplaces, is actively recruiting new panelists to take part in:

  • paid online surveys
  • consumer product testing
  • innovative design input on new products

This is no gimmick! Synovate is a reputable company that combines global research capabilities with customer-centric priorities. This means they use real people with real views. Turn your downtime into money by participating in online surveys that earn you points redeemable for cash. Sounds too good to be true? Check it out -current panelists cast their votes on a plethora of products and earn up to $70 for completing surveys.

You might not be influencing tax cuts or electing a new president, but you can help improve the taste of your favorite snacks or be an advocate for more comfortable airline seating. Additionally, enter yourself in their monthly sweepstakes just by signing up. Feel good about yourself as you lobby for the future and stow away some rainy-day cash by getting started here.

Synovate Online Surveys: Make Money, Make a Difference