My longtime best friend is a teacher. I have several other close friends who are teachers. My mom is a retired teacher. Needless to say, I (heart) teachers. I’m also quite (very, extremely) familiar with the many ways America’s largely underpaid teachers—in both the private and public school sectors—often pay out of pocket to fund classroom projects and extra enrichment activities.

So when I discover a new retailer that offers special discounts for professionals who choose a teaching career, I want to promote them as much as possible. Here are some great ones if you are a teacher or know a teacher.

1. The New York Times teacher discounts

If you teach political science, journalism, creative writing, or other related subjects, you may want to cash in on the different educators-only programs offered by the NYT.

Perks overview:

  • Sign up and receive a special first-week rate of $0.99 and discounts for every week thereafter.
  • Select between access to digital papers, smartphone apps, tablet apps, or all of the above.

2. Barnes & Noble educators program

Barnes & Noble offers a special educators program that gives teachers plenty of ongoing perks.

Perks overview:

  • 20% discount on publisher’s price for classroom use books, games, and materials.
  • 25% discount during periodic “Educator Appreciation Days.”
  • Email notification of special periodic discounts and teachers-only promotions and events.

3. Pets in the Classroom

Yup, you read that right. If you teach biology, agronomy, or other related subjects, a free pet may be just the classroom resource to take student enrichment to the next level! There are seven types of grants available to educators of Pre-K – 8th grade students, and application decisions are returned in 4-6 weeks.

(Note: This program is designed to teach animal care and observation skills, not for experiments!)

Perks overview:

4. Google Maps Pro and Maps Engine Free Access

Any educator who can prove a “compelling need” for the advanced applications offered through Google Maps Pro and Maps Engines can obtain free access for classroom use. Google suggests that educators who teach computer/IT subjects, movie making, mapping, geography, mathematics, and related topics may be the best fit.

Perks overview:

  • Google Earth Pro offers premium movie making, area and radius measurement, GIS data import tools, high-resolution printing capability, Spreadsheet Importer, Google Earth Pro Datasets, and more.
  • Google Maps Engine offers access control and publishing capabilities, cloud-hosted spatial data management, cartographic styling, and more.

5. Liberty Mutual

Drive time isn’t an insignificant part of a teacher’s professional life. There is the commute to and from school, plus drive time for special events, trips to the teacher supply store, and driving to training and certification classes. Liberty Mutual offers special auto insurance discounts for teachers.

Perks overview:

  • No deductible if anything happens to your vehicle while it’s parked on school property.
  • No deductible for collisions that occur during drive time related to school activities.
  • $2,500 personal insurance coverage for any in-vehicle personal or school-related possessions that get stolen or damaged.

6. Office supplies (Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, FedEx Office, Container Store)

All five of the nationwide office supply chains have instituted special teachers-only programs to help defray materials and supplies costs.

Office Max

Office Depot


FedEx Office

Container Store

7. Adobe Software

Adobe has a special teacher discount program that permits teachers to get discounts on both personal and school education software and products.

Perks overview:

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