Do you need more vintage floral pieces in your life? I mean, obviously, you do.

The thing is, it’s a little spendy to get your hands on The Pioneer Woman merchandise. We’re going to show you when and where to shop for the best of The Pioneer Woman’s trademark style.


1. Skip the official store — save 18% or more on the same exact items at Walmart.

The Pioneer Woman products are the most expensive on her very own website. So unless you’re planning a trip to the actual Merc (please take me with you), don’t buy direct.

A popular breadbox on The Pioneer Woman website retails at $40. You can score the same exact bread box at Walmart for $32.95. That’s an 18% savings.

TIP: Make sure to use ship-to-store pickup to avoid any shipping charges at Walmart.


2. Don’t shop The Pioneer Woman on Amazon — unless you’re buying cookbooks.

Almost every The Pioneer Woman item is more expensive on Amazon EXCEPT the cookbooks.

Her Food from My Frontier cookbook runs for $12 at Walmart and is also $12 on Amazon. The cookbooks are often cheaper on Amazon, so make sure you check.


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3. Aim to save at least 10% on Walmart prices when you shop in store.

The Pioneer Woman merchandise comes in regularly, and Walmart is always trying to make room for more. This means that it’s frequently on rollback or clearance.

We noticed that markdowns on the shelf started around 10% and went up from there.

This Dutch oven was originally $49.44 but went on rollback for $44.47, which is a solid 10% off. It sold out but keep an eye on it to see if it comes back in stock.


4. Go to Walmart the day after they start their monthly clearance.

Walmart typically has one day a month where they do all of their clearance markdowns, but there is no guarantee what time they will be finished. Check with your Walmart to find out when they do their clearance markdowns. Mine starts on the first day of the month, so I know to go in the first few days.

Her stuff sells out FAST when it’s marked down, so don’t wait to make a Walmart run.



5. Or just check your UPC on Brickseek to avoid a recon trip to Walmart.

Brickseek lets you check any UPC code to see if that item is in stock in any particular store. This gets you the information on The Pioneer Woman slow cooker before you head out the door.


6. Check to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

This butter dish was on rollback in store for $7.38, but the exact same one retails online for $4.97.

Honoring the online price is totally up to the manager on duty, so if they refuse, simply buy the item online and pick it up in the store to avoid any shipping costs.


7. The easiest items to save on are The Pioneer Woman travel drinkware.

There is always at least a couple of these on sale, and at a decent discount, too.

This tumbler was originally $12.84 but was marked down to $8.88. That’s a 30% savings!



8. One of the most difficult things to find on sale is The Pioneer Woman cooking utensils.

These are already priced a little lower than a lot of the other items in her line, and Walmart doesn’t have a problem moving them. They’re also something you can only buy in the store, so if you see these on Rollback or clearance, snatch them up!


9. Wait for clearance prices to buy The Pioneer Woman big-ticket items.

Ree Drummond has stamped her signature style onto Instant Pots and Slow Cookers, but they’re usually at least $20 more expensive than the same thing without the Pioneer flare.

Wait until fall or spring, and whatever is left will drop to the going price of the regular big-ticket items, and sometimes $10 to $20 less!

As of February 2021:

Pioneer Woman Instant Pot DUO60 7-1, 6-quart: $89

Instant Pot DUO60 7-1 in red, 6-quart: $103


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10. Clearance racks all over the store will likely have The Pioneer Woman goods, so look around.

Sometimes The Pioneer Woman clearance items are stocked with the rest of her line, but often there just isn’t room on the shelves for extra merchandise. The goods will be scattered in other clearance areas, and a lot of times it won’t be an obvious spot.

I even found some marked-down PW tablecloths in Electronics!


11. The Pioneer Woman cookware is one of the best values.

Her porcelain-enameled, teal-colored 10-piece set is $99 in store at Walmart but is frequently on Rollback to as much as $79 online. That’s a $20 savings!

The comparable Rachael Ray set retails for $199. No contest!

Even better, The Pioneer Woman set is one of the best rated out there.


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