First, Toys”R”Us said goodbye to their 700 U.S. stores. Then, they kinda popped back up during the holidays at select Kroger stores.

Now it looks like they’re staging a legit comeback. Toys”R”Us will reopen.

The phoenix rising from Geoffrey the Giraffe’s ashes is looking to make a global impact. Here’s what the heck just happened:


A new company called Tru Kids now owns Toys”R”Us.

The new company, Tru Kids — which is a play on the old “Toys’R’Us Kids” theme song — is owned by a former Toys”R”Us executive.

Now Toys”R”Us, Babies”R”Us, the giraffe mascot and a whole slew of Toys”R”Us original toy brands are all back under one roof.


They’re finally returning to the U.S.!

Toy”R”Us is planning on opening two new mall locations in Houston, TX and Paramus, NJ in November 2019. The new stores will be smaller than previous Toys”R”Us stores and have less packaged toys to make room for play areas, interactive displays, spaces for birthday parties and more.

Tru Kids’ CEO Richard Barry said “We have significant interest about how to bring the brand back to the US.”


Look out for 70 new Toys”R”Us stores outside the U.S. — this year.

These stores will be opening in Asia, Europe and India.


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Toys”R”Us will be in a lot more places — starting with the internet.

Experts pretty much agree a big part of Toys”R”Us’ downfall was its slowness to embrace e-commerce.

With its relaunch, Tru Kids promises a multifaceted approach, including e-commerce, brick-and-mortar stores and stores within existing stores.


No need to wait for Toys”R”Us’ comeback, though — KCL has plenty of toy deals for you right now.

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